Carving & Slicing Knives

Carving & Slicing Knives
Slice or carve with ease and control. Thinner and longer than a chef's knife, these blades allow you to slice paper thin without tearing, preserving your food for perfect presentation.
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Carving & Slicing Knives

Buy carving and slicing knives at ZWILLING

Do you regularly have fish and meat on your fork? Then you need the right knife for it, for the professional preparation of such food. In the ZWILLING online shop you’ll find fish, meat and special slicing knives, that will perform well when both preparing and serving. ZWILLING knives and our brands BALLARINI and MIYABI provide plenty of choice in this segment. Find out which fish and carving knives are the right ones for your purposes and why.

Not fish, not meat? Don’t work with the wrong knife

It’s not without reason that we have such a wide choice of high-quality knives for you in our shop. Each of these knives has its own area of use and that’s also good. Who would think of filleting a salmon with a steak knife? Then again there is also our utility knife, that will serve you well in many different areas of kitchen preparation. It’s important that you do not use the wrong knife for really demanding kitchen preparation. That’s why we have suitable carving and slicing knives on offer for you and you can now get to know them better.

Slicing knives - a genuine specialist

When you don’t want to cut just any meat, but juicy ham, the ZWILLING slicing knife is a good choice. It has a long blade with grooves that prevent the food being cut from sticking to the blade. The slicing knife can also usually be used as a salmon knife.

The special thing about meat knives

When you want to prepare and serve a good roast, a chicken or similar dish from firm meat, we recommend you use a suitable meat knife. Our knives in this range are designed precisely for carving or slicing fine slices of meat. A sharp blade and optimally balanced handling of our carving knives ensures that you can precisely and effortlessly cut fine slices of meat even after long periods of use.

Need a good fish knife

It is precisely these properties that matter in a good fish knife, which is why we have combined these categories in our shop. In many cases, what works for meat, doesn’t have to be wrong for fish. A straight blade, razor-sharp in the truest sense of the word, and a hilt that sets the knife comfortably in the hand are important ingredients for a good meat and even fish knife.

ZWILLING special fish knives

However, you can also specialize in fish preparation. In particular fine fish meat that needs to be sliced wafer-thin - for example in a sushi kitchen - can be prepared even better with a fine fish blade. Here, for example, you’ll find the right salmon knife, but you can also live out your passion more than professionally with our Japanese knives.

Fish and slicing and carving knives from Japan

We are already in a particularly interesting product category. Our range of Japanese knives come from Seki, one of the most important and best-known places for the production of super-sharp Japanese knives in the world. Our MIYABI brand originates from there, thanks to which we can offer you Far Eastern blades with an individual grain and very high degrees of hardness and sharpness for preparing meat and fish.