From Italian nonstick and French cast iron to Belgian stainless steel, savor the world’s best cookware in your own kitchen.



Cookware for the innovative kitchen

Cookware from ZWILLING not only convinces its high quality but also its attractive appearance. Taking into account new and innovative technologies, ZWILLING presents cookware for the modern kitchen that leaves nothing to be desired.

Cookware from ZWILLING for every occasion

Cooking and stock pots are available in the online store in various sizes and shapes, such as roasting and saucepans. With the cookware sets, you have the basic equipment for different pots and pans at your disposal.

The range of pans extends from braising pans to frying pans to special pans in different sizes and with different coatings. You will also find a wide selection of casseroles and roasters in the ZWILLING online store, ranging from cast-iron roasters to stainless steel casseroles and multi-roasters. Woks and wok pans with different coatings and different capacities help you to sear, steam and steam the dishes. With the grill pans from ZWILLING, you can sear steaks, for example, and the meat stays nice and juicy inside. The special pots like Tajine, Fondue, or the smoking set expand your cooking repertoire with extraordinary dishes. Mussel pots or pasta pots are also adapted to the special requirements of their respective use.

The ZWILLING range also includes cake tins for delicious cakes and casseroles and other oven tins for savory dishes. Furthermore, teapots, water or pipe kettles, and corresponding accessories such as lids, handles, and coasters complete the range of high-quality cookware from ZWILLING.

How do I use and care for my new cookware from ZWILLING?

To ensure that you have a lot of fun cooking and enjoy your new cookware for a long time, you should use it properly and maintain it accordingly. First of all, it is important to use the right utensils for the preparation of individual dishes. This is especially important when using pans to achieve an optimal frying result. Use uncoated stainless steel pans for frying, e.g. unbreaded meat, at high temperatures. Coated pans are suitable for gentle, low-fat frying. For frying vegetables at low temperatures, a pan with a ceramic coating is recommended. Only kitchen gadgets made of materials such as wood or silicone should be used in uncoated cookware, such as a pan or pot, to protect the cookware.

When cleaning, it is important to let the cookware cool down first. Glass lids in particular could otherwise crack due to the temperature shock. Although ZWILLING cookware is dishwasher-safe, it makes sense to clean pans and pots by hand with a little detergent and warm water. Do not use strong detergents on coated dishes, as these can shorten the life of the coating. Find suitable cookware for every occasion in the ZWILLING online store.