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Various versions of knives are readily available for private kitchens. But which knife do you actually need for your kitchen and how long does it retain its original sharpness? You’ll find everything you need to know about kitchen knives on this site.

Which knife do I need for my kitchen?

If you are looking for knives you will find a wide variety of knife-types. These knives belong in every well-stocked household:

Chef’s knives

A Chef’s knife is an allrounder in your kitchen. It has a wide sharpened blade for cutting meat and vegetables, but can also chops herbs. You should always have this knife handy when cooking.

Utility knives

You can recognize a utility knife by its serrated edge. Not to be confused with a bread knife, which also has a serrated edge, but it is much wider. You can cut bread and rolls very well with it, but also sausage, cheese and tomatoes.

Paring knives

You use the paring knife for peeling fruit and vegetables and cutting them into small pieces. It is smaller than a chef’s knife and so handier.

Knives for special jobs in your kitchen

Alongside these indispensable knives for general kitchen work there are many other knives that, due to their size and blade shape are made for special requirements in the kitchen. If you like to eat steak, you need a good steak knife with a curved blade for cutting roast or grilled meat. High-quality Japanese knives are impressive with their special sharpness, with a cheese knife you can cut cheese into small, bite-sized slices, A bread knife portions different types of bread and you need a cleaver for coarse jobs in your kitchen.

Our tip: Buy a knife set

A knife set contains all the knives you need for cutting work in your kitchen. Depending on how passionate you are about cooking, you can buy 2-piece, 3-piece or 7-piece knife sets.

How do I store knives properly?

Often sharp knives are simply lying in the cutlery drawer or basket. In addition to the high risk of injury knives can lose their sharpness more quickly if stored this way. We recommend a knife block to store your kitchen knives. These are even available with an integrated knife sharpener. Alternatively, magnetic strips are also suitable for hanging your knives and always having them within reach.

Proper knife care: so you can enjoy your kitchen knives for a long time

Even a good chef’s knife becomes more and more blunt. So you should work every kitchen knife on a sharpening steel after use. This ensures that the knife retains its sharpness for longer. If it has become blunt, it can regain its original cutting power with a knife sharpener.

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