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3 Results
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Fondue Set, Cherry
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Staub Cast Iron
0.25-qt Mini Chocolate Fondue Set, Black Matte
4.6 Star Rating (34 Reviews)
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Staub Cast Iron - Minis
0.375 qt, Mini Cheese Fondue Pot, Black Matte
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Fondue Sets

Fondues: A feast not only on special occasions

Fondues have been popular in the USA since the 1960s. Originally from France, fondue came to Switzerland, where it is now considered a national dish. A classic fondue is a dish in which cheese is melted in a pot and then taken out of the pot with pieces of bread or potatoes on long forks. This so-called cheese fondue has also been very popular in our country for decades and is a timeless classic on the menu on holidays or special occasions.

Cheese fondues in particular are quick to prepare and, thanks to various recipes and types of cheese, are quite versatile. In addition to the classic cheese fondue, there is the meat fondue, where pieces of meat are cooked either in hot oil, wine, or broth. Bread, sauces, gherkins, and other delicacies are served. With the meat fondue, you decide for yourself which types of meat you prefer. Tender veal, pork, beef, lamb, or lean chicken are suitable here, for example. But seafood such as scampi can also be prepared in oil, wine, or broth.

If you choose broth or wine, you can also cook vegetables in it. Another type of fondue is chocolate fondue, which is particularly suitable as a dessert. For this, chocolate is melted and absorbed with fruit or cookies on a stick. In ZWILLING's online store you will find fondue sets and fondue pots in various sizes, which can be used for the individual fondue types or multi-functionally.

Which fondue pot is suitable for which type of fondue?

When preparing different types of fondue, certain cooking pots are particularly suitable. For the classic cheese fondue, you usually need a special fondue pot, the caquelon. This is a pot with a long handle in which the cheese is melted. This pot can be made of high-quality, double-walled, and glazed ceramic, cast iron, or steel.

Meat fondue sets from STAUB are usually made of stainless steel or cast iron and consist of a pot with handles which, like the caquelon, are placed on a rechaud with a burner. There are also electric fondues with burner and fuel paste. Most fondue sets can be used for cheese fondue as well as for meat fondues. For the chocolate fondue, there are again certain fondue pots and chocolate fountains, but a delicious chocolate fondue can also be made with traditional sets, for example, made of cast iron.

What should I pay attention to when buying a fondue set?

Before you decide on a set, it is worth considering whether you want to use the fondue set only for a certain type of fondue or whether you want to try different types of fondue. Also, the right size should be considered, because there are different sets for different numbers of people. Fondue forks can be purchased also so that more flexibility in the number of people is possible. Which design you choose at ZWILLING is certainly a question of personal taste. In any case, you can look forward to high-quality products from ZWILLING and STAUB, which convince with design and durability.