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High-quality knives call for proper accessories to preserve the durability and beauty of these outstanding kitchen implements.
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ZWILLING Knife Blocks & Knife Storage

Your favorite knife should be always ready to hand when cooking. The ZWILLING knife blocks keep cutlery, scissors or a sharpening steel within easy reach.

ZWILLING knife blocks & Storage

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels offers an array of storage options: wooden knife blocks, magna bars, cases, rolls and sheaths.

ZWILLING knife blocks

The Knife Block: Practical and safe storage of kitchen knives A knife block provides a convenient storage option for your cutlery, protecting it from rapid dull and unintentional damage. In addition, the risk of cuts is minimized because the knives are safely stored in the knife block. With our knife blocks, you always have your chef's knife immediately at hand. It is possible to buy ZWILLING knife blocks incl. knives or empty.

Choice of the knife block designs

A knife block is not only practical for storing the knife, but also an attractive eye-catcher in every kitchen. A knife block from ZWILLING delights professional and amateur cooks alike, because it is characterized by quality and functionality as well as an appealing design. The materials used are high-quality beech wood, bamboo or walnut. The durable woods are sturdy and look good even after many years. ZWILLING’s wooden knife blocks come in different colors, shapes and sizes—you can find just the right fit for your kitchen and knife collection. The blocks usually have shafts in which the various knives, e.g. Chef's knife, bread knife or paring knife can be plugged. They are manufactured with a tilt angle of 70 degrees, so that the knives can be easily inserted and removed. They often contain extra slots for a honing steel and kitchen shears to make them more accessible. In addition to conventional models, there are also magnetic knife blocks or knife stands. These differed at first glance from the design, without losing functionality. Magna bars display knives easily within reach.

Selection of the knife block - what should be considered when buying?

Before buying a knife block, the question arises whether you need a knife block with a knife set or an empty model. If you do not have any knives yet, you can buy a knife block set. If you choose an empty block for your knife set, make sure the chutes are the right size for your existing kitchen knives or go for a magnetic knife block.

Blade guard and kitchen organization

Rolls and cases are great for traveling chefs. ZWILLING sheaths can be used for added safety and to prevent the scratching of the blade.