This series of knives has been developed in collaboration with “Le Cordon Bleu”, a culinary school renowned across the globe.

The blade is made from the special professional steel FC61 which is also used to make razor blades, among other things. FC stands for “fine carbide”, with the carbides in this steel being evenly distributed and exhibiting a fine structure. Not only does the steel’s particular structure mean that the cutting edge can be very finely honed to achieve a uniform finish, but it also makes for an excellent initial performance and lasting edge retention.

Every blade is unparalleled in sharpness thanks to the traditional Japanese honing method known as Honbazuke. The blade is ground on both sides to create a cutting edge with a total angle of around 20° and is made from the special steel FC61, which has a Rockwell hardness rating of approx. 61.

Featuring a three-rivet design, the plastic handle sits well in your hand and is comfortable to work with. The full tang certainly packs a punch with its blue trim and the optimal balance it provides.