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Utility Knives
Medium-sized knife ideal for cutting delicate items with precision and ease.
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Utility Knives

Buy multi-purpose utility knives

A utility knife is a standard in every kitchen. It is also called a universal knife or utility knife and can be used for quick cooking work. Here, we highlight the features of our utility knives and other tips for using them.

Which features set a utility knife apart?

Most utility knives have a serrated edge so they can be used in a variety of ways. The most frequent uses of a utility knife at a glance:

Bread knife

A utility knife with a serrated blade can be used extremely well as a bread knife. Crusty bread can be cut evenly and crumb-free with the right utility knife.

Utility knives

The serrated blade on most utility knives is ideal for cutting soft vegetables such as tomatoes. The flesh is not squashed when cut.

Cleaning fruit and vegetables

You can easily cut all types of vegetable, such as zucchini or mushrooms, or de-seed fruit and vegetables.

Slice sausage and cheese

Do you need a knife quickly, to cut a piece of cheese or sausage into small slices? Then the utility knife is just the right knife for this job.

The utility knife is, as its name suggests, suitable for general kitchen work to a limited extent. When you need a knife quickly for a small kitchen job, then the utility knife is always handy. But it doesn’t replace specialist knives such as the bread knife, the chef’s knife or the vegetable knife. These kitchen knives are specially designed to meet the needs of working with certain foods.

What’s the right size for a utility knife?

You usually buy a utility knife in the medium length range, between 11 and 13 cm. This has several advantages, as medium-sized knives can be easily held and can be guided precisely.

Why buy a utility knife from the ZWILLING online shop?

Any utility knife that you buy from us is manufactured to a high standard. The knives in our ZWILLING product series have the following properties:

FRIODUR blades

Some utility knives are equipped with a FRIODUR ice-hardened blade. This blade is manufactured using a special ice-hardening process. This improves the hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance of the blade.


Our SIMAFORGE knives are forged out of a single piece of steel such as stainless steel. This utility knife features particular hardness, edge retention and flexibility.

Easy to use

The utility knives from our online shop feature ergonomic handles. This makes them particularly comfortable to use.

Elegant design

Knives should always look good in a kitchen. Our utility knives are visually appealing and stylish in design.

Our tips for proper knife care

Once you decide on a multi-purpose knife, you want to be able to use it for a long time. Proper cleaning and care make a decisive contribution to this. Check the care instructions to see if it is dishwasher-safe. It’s always best to clean your utility knife under warm water after use. This avoids stubborn dirt and you can quickly use your utility knife again. You should use a wooden or plastic chopping board to preserve the blade.

We hope you enjoy browsing our shop and choosing the right utility knife.