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Knife Sets

For cooking beginners, a knife set with two to three cooking knives is the best choice. A 2-piece set includes a chef's knife and a larding and garnishing knife. A 3-piece set also includes a meat knife. With this basic equipment, you can easily handle almost all the work in the kitchen.

Knife set vs. knife block

If a two or three-piece knife set is not enough for you, a bread knife and household scissors are a useful addition. For ambitious hobby cooks, however, various kitchen knives are part of the basic equipment for cooking. The shape and length of the blades are designed to suit the respective food to be sliced so that slicing work can be carried out efficiently. When you buy a knife block, you don't have to worry about the equipment. A 9-piece knife block contains the most important knives and ensures safe storage.

The right knife set for your needs

Which kitchen knife set is best suited for your purposes depends on several factors. We will help you to find a suitable knife set.

Knife sets for beginners and occasional chefs

If you prepare a few quick meals now and then, a two to three-piece knife set is quite sufficient. These sets include a garnishing knife, a chef's knife, and a meat or utility knife.

Ambitious hobby cooks and professionals

The more often you cook, the more demanding the knives and their quality. You need a larger selection of knives for the tasks at hand. Filleting meat or deboning fish requires the appropriate tools. Also, kitchen knives for intensive use require higher cutting durability and particularly sharp blades, as found in Japanese knives. We recommend a 5-piece knife set which you can supplement with individual special knives.

With a knife set from our online store you always have the right utensil for the appropriate kitchen work at hand. Pay attention with the purchase to your requirements and high quality.