Sujihiki Knives

The Sujihiki knife is a Japanese carving knife for fish and meat.


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5 Results
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9.5-inch, Sujihiki, brown
C$ 475.00 C$ 379.99
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9.5-inch, Sujihiki, black
C$ 410.00 C$ 309.99
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9-inch, Sujihiki, brown
C$ 545.00 C$ 489.99
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9.5-inch, Sujihiki, brown
C$ 280.00 C$ 239.99
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MIYABI 5000 MCD 67
9.5-inch, Sujihiki, brown
C$ 690.00 C$ 649.99
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Sujihiki & Sushi Knives

Buy Sujihiki knives at ZWILLING

With a Sujihiki knife from the ZWILLING online store you can make truly precise cuts, especially into fish and meat. These Japanese carving knives have an extra-fine blade, ground on both sides, with an especially sharp, edge retaining trigger. At first glance their resemblance to traditional Japanese swords is noticeable and in fact Sujihiki knives are not inferior to the traditional Katana swords, although they are only designed for the kitchen. Here you’ll get to know and appreciate our Sujihiki knives from MIYABI better and you can equip yourself with one of these jewels.

What does Sujihiki actually mean?

A short definition of the name and its functions to start with: Sujihiki literally translated means something like “muscle cutter”. It is particularly suitable for extra-fine cutting of meat, such as slices of ham, or carpaccio, but it is also for raw meat and fish, when making sushi for example.

Sujihiki knives — ideal for carving

The special thing about a Sujihiki knife is the blade that is ground on both sides, this brings particular hardness and with it especially fine cuts of wafer-thin slices are possible. One of the main areas of application for Sujihiki knives is therefore carving meat, fish or poultry. Here you can do really delicate work when carving different types of animal flesh, but with the Japanese carving knife you can also cut vegetables or fruit.

The outstanding properties of Sujihiki knives

This is exactly what the Sujihiki knife was made for and for such fine cuts the blade was finely ground on both sides during manufacture in Japan. Sujihiki are - exactly like, for example, Shotoh knives or Nakiri knives in our online store - the result of Japanese craftsmanship from MIYABI. The aim is to combine beauty and sharpness in one knife, and that’s what our high-quality products stand for, from tip to handle head.

Sujihiki knives — with the especially fine blade

The blade is naturally the most important part of all knives, and just so with Japanese knives such as Sujihiki knives, special attention was paid to the sharpness and hardness. The Sujihiki knife’s characteristic slender blade is reminiscent of traditional Japanese Katanas, the Samurai sword of legendary sharpness. Due to the fine edge of the Katana, Sujihiki kitchen knives were modelled on these, so they are ultra-sharp and enable the most precise cuts.

Katana-ground edges — this is what master craftsmanship really looks like

Sharpness that you can see at first glance, and these Sujihiki knives with their Katana-ground edges are unmistakably masterpieces of Japanese craftsmanship. And the handling delivers what is promised visually: These super-sharp knives enable ultra-thin cuts and also sit well in the hand. These Japanese cooking knives are well balanced and lie comfortably in the hand. Even over a long period of time you can use it to make fatigue-free, precise cuts and fine slices.

Buy Sujihiki knives online

Sujihiki knives, made in Japan: MIYABI offers you real originals, manufactured in Seki, north of Nagoya in southern Japan. From there the knives travel directly to our range and will soon be able to provide you with the best possible service in your kitchen. All you have to do is order!