A cheese knife is designed for cutting different types of cheese.


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4 Results
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17 cm, Cheese knife
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15 cm, Cheese knife, silver
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Cheese slicer 18/10 Stainless Steel
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Cheese knife set 5 Piece
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Cheese Knives & Slicer

Buy cheese knives for soft and hard cheeses

Do you love cheese? Then we’ve got the right choice of cheese knives for you in our online shop, that cut and optimally portion all types of cheese. In the ZWILLING online shop you can buy the right cheese knife or cheese slicer that are indispensable kitchen tools for every cheese lover.

Why a cheese knife at all?

Can’t cheese simply be cut with a normal kitchen knife? No, because the consistency of this food makes particular demands on a cutting tool. Cheese has a more or less smooth consistency. This means that when cut with a commercially available knife, the cheese easily sticks to the blade. A cheese knife therefore has different sized notches, to prevent the cheese from sticking. This also ensures a straight and even cut.

How to use a Cheese Knife

As there are numerous varieties of cheese on the market, different knives are needed for cutting them. We have briefly summarized here what distinguished cheese knives from one another.

Hard Cheese Knife

Hard cheese includes popular varieties such as parmesan, cheddar or Emmental. To cut these you have to use a lot of strength and should use a specialist cheese knife. Hard cheese knives have a correspondingly wide blade and an ergonomic handle that optimizes strength transmission when cutting.

Soft Cheese Knife

Soft cheese varieties are, for example, gorgonzola, cream cheese, cottage cheese, camembert and mozzarella. When you cut this cheese with a simple utility knife or chef’s knife, then the cheese can easily get out of shape and can hardly be served. Special cheese knives for creamy cheeses have special, very thin blades with the corresponding notches. With these tines and low material thickness, you can achieve a straight cut and visually appealing display with these knives.

Tip for the proper care of cheese knives

A cheese knife, e.g. made from stainless steel, is best cleaned with a brush and water after use. This ensures you thoroughly remove any food remains from the gaps. It also stays sharp for longer when contact with salts and detergents is reduced.

What is the difference between a cheese knife and a cheese slicer?

The term cheese knife is often synonymous with many types of knife. There are small but important differences between the individual cheese knives in our shop. Below we explain the differences between a cheese knife and a cheese cutter or slicer so that you find the right one straightaway.

Cheese knife

Generally a speciality knife that can cut cheese. Compared to conventional knives they have a special curved shape and a hard, sharp blade.

Cheese cutter or slicer

With a cheese cutter or slicer you can cut pieces of cheese into even slices. They are similar in shape to a cake slicer with an integrated device for slicing the cheese.

Buy cheese knives in the ZWILLING online shop

The cheese knives in the ZWILLING online shop will, above all, inspire you with their precision and high-quality workmanship. They are mainly made from low-corrosion stainless steel and easy to use thanks to their ergonomic handles. The fine, reduced design of our cheese knives and cutters fits perfectly with your existing kitchen equipment.

Now add a high-quality cheese knife from the ZWILLING online your kitchen equipment and knife range.