A cleaver is specially designed for chopping various types of food.


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A cleaver is also called a cleaver or kitchen ax. You need this special knife to cut meat and bones quickly and safely. In contrast to a conventional chef's knife, the shape of the chopping knife is rectangular and has a solid and robust blade with a length of approx. 15 cm - ideal for cutting ribs, chops, and small animals such as lamb or rabbit. Choppers in the ZWILLING Online Shop convince with their successful combination of high quality and attractive design.

Choppers: Specialists in chopping

Due to the wedge-shaped blade and a well-balanced combination of handle and blade, the chopping knife has the advantage that a large force is exerted on a relatively small surface. This facilitates the cutting of hard objects such as bones and tendons. A kitchen cleaver is not as sharp as normal kitchen knives, as stability is more important than sharpness. The high weight ensures sufficient momentum when chopping.

Tip: It is best to use a chopping block as a base. If you do not have one at hand, a solid wood chopping board is also suitable.

Chopping knives are often equated or confused with a Chinese chef's knife. Although the blade design is similar, the two types of knives differ in their function. While the chopping knife is used for cutting meat and bones, the Chinese chef's knife is used for cutting vegetables, meat, fish, and herbs. For this reason, the Chinese chef's knife, unlike the cleaver, has a razor-sharp edge.

Even though cleavers do not have to be as sharp as carving and peeling knives or filleting knives, these knives should also be resharpened. Although these knives are best suited for chopping, a blunt knife cannot cut bones and tendons. How to sharpen a knife properly can be found in the Inspiration section.

Storage and care of chopping knives

As with all other knives, chopping knives should not be stored loose in a drawer with other knives or kitchen utensils. Very well-suited is a magnetic knife block or a knife block with a matching shaft.

Even if the knives from the ZWILLING Online Shop stand for the highest quality in terms of cutlery, they require appropriate care. To avoid premature wear and tear, we recommend cleaning with detergent and dishcloth.