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Buy kitchen utensils and cooking tools online

Kitchen gadgets, such as French whisks, turners, and soup ladles, are absolute kitchen staples. Whether you whip up gourmet food, or practice cooking as a hobby, here’s a summary of the kitchen utensils you shouldn’t go without.

Which kitchen utensils do I need in my kitchen?

Every kitchen should have a basic stock of kitchen utensils, which are always kept close on hand, including the following items:

  • Turners
  • Storage containers
  • Kitchen linens
  • Ladles
  • Cooking spoons
  • Whisks

With these utensils, you’ll always have a practical tool on hand when cooking up a classic meal. It may also pay off to have a set of kitchen gadgets as part of your basic kitchen equipment.

Kitchen tools for haute cuisine

Are you one of those cooks who loves to treat yourself and your loved ones to more sophisticated meals? Are you always keen to try out new things? The ZWILLING online store has a range of specialized kitchen utensils to help you prepare meals like a true sous-chef.

Pestles and mortars for freshly-ground herbs

Herbs release their best flavours when they are freshly ground. With a pestle and mortar, you can grind peppercorns, chilis or even parsley. The additional hard work required to freshly grind your herbs, the aromas and flavours are sure to shine through in your dishes.

Wok turners for Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine is also very popular throughout Canada and you can find a wok in many kitchen cupboards. When you’ve used a wok to brown off your vegetables, you’ll need a wok spatula to scoop them off the base of the pan. Ours are made from silicone to avoid damaging the delicate coating on the base. Its particularly large width also makes it suitable for serving up the dish after cooking.

Kitchen tools: slotted spoons for eggs, fries, vegetables and more

You need a special kind of kitchen tool for getting food out of the pan or deep fryer. The slots on a slotted spoon allow liquid to pass through when fishing food out. This makes draining poached eggs or boiled vegetables much easier, means there is less work to do, while cutting down on using additional dishes.

Serving spoons for dishing out food in style

Does this sound familiar? Your guests have sat down, you’ve taken your time to set the table and cook up a delicious meal. But when serving, you end up using flatware with handles that are too short and spoons that are too small. A serving spoon made from silicone or stainless steel, however, means you can dish out the perfect portions to each of your guests. Food is quick to serve out and stays hot to boot.

Risotto spoons for the perfect rice dish

Cooking risotto is an art. When the rice is cooking, it must be continuously stirred to develop a particular consistency. You could use a standard cooking spoon for this task, but risotto spoons are equipped with certain features to help you make this dish. Rather than being round, it is angled on one side so that you can reach every part of the pot and stop any rice from sticking. The hole makes stirring easy as the rice gradually becomes firmer.

Buy kitchen utensils on the ZWILLING online store

You can visit the ZWILLING online store to buy practical kitchen utensils and tools made from various materials, such as wood, silicone, plastic, stainless steel and cast iron. Our product range is characterized by first-class design, functionality, and longevity of use.

Have you already chosen which practical kitchen utensils you’d like? If so, we look forward to receiving your order.