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Buy high-performance blenders and smoothie makers online

Yummy smoothies, a fresh pesto with garlic and herbs, or simply an onion that must be chopped up quickly: A blender vastly facilitates kitchen work. There are so many different applications that make a blender indispensable in your kitchen. We’ve gathered all the details on our blenders and smoothie makers on this page.

What you should look for when buying a blender

Buying a high-performance blender is a major purchase that needs to be carefully considered. There are many different versions and features of blenders. The following overview will tell you what is important when buying a countertop blender.

Blenders’ performance

For you to achieve the optimum result when blending and to be able to chop food with a hard shell, the food processor must perform well. Ordinary appliances have a wattage of between 200 and 800. High-performance blenders bring 1000 watts and more with them.

Various speed levels

You should be able to set different speed levels in a blender. This is so you can choose how finely the blender chops your fruit and vegetables.


As a rule, you prepare side dishes, drinks, pesto and the like for several people in your processor. So it should have a large capacity of around 1800 ml.


A blender has very sharp blades. A safety system prevents you being injured while blending. The blender will only start when the lid is put on correctly.

Pollutant-free materials

The container is always in contact with your food. So it’s all the more important that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is of high quality.

How do you clean a blender?

Food processors and smoothie makers from the ZWILLING online shop are built so that they are easily cleaned after use. You can remove and rinse the attachment immediately after use. To save yourself work, you should not wait until the food residue has dried. Simply hold the container under running water and it’s ready to use again. Our ZWILLING blenders also have an integrated automatic cleaning program which makes cleaning even easier.

Features of the ENFINGY series blender from ZWILLING

In addition to the demands made on high-performance blenders and smoothie makers today, the ENFINIGY blender from ZWILLING brings other features with it. The ENFINIGY series contains other high-quality and high-performance appliances such as kitchen scales, kettles and toasters.

Automatic programs for different specialties

Do you want to make a smoothie, ice cream or soup? There are different automatic programs available for this in which the optimal mixing speed is preset.

Integrated scales with tare function

Some of our blenders contain integrated scales on which you can directly weigh ingredients. You are spared a whole preparation step with this.

Razor-sharp blades

Our blenders are equipped with a double-winged ZWILLING blade with specially serrated edges and piranha teeth. These ensure effortless, even chopping of fruit and vegetables.

Blender and smoothie maker in one appliance?

In a good blender you can also chop herbs and vegetables as well as make smoothies. You’re buying an appliance for all applications.

Find the right high-performance blender for your kitchen.