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42 Results
ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Available in 6 Sizes
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One for all: our vacuum pumps

The FRESH & SAVE vacuum pumps are compatible with all our FRESH & SAVE products.

ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Available in 6 Sizes
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ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Available in 6 Sizes
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ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE – a world of products full of advantages

Start a healthy and organized everyday life with ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE. Keep food fresh for longer, avoid food waste and enjoy meal prepping with our vacuum pumps and containers. To help you have this fresh, healthier lifestyle, we have put together a high-quality and versatile ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE range for you. Discover our pumps for vacuum sealing and sous-vide cooking, our plastic or borosilicate glass food storage containers and many handy accessories.

ZWILLING vacuum: Product overview

ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE – the name says it all, food should be fresh and safe, including in your kitchen and your everyday life. ZWILLING vacuum products take this to a whole new level, especially in terms of freshness, storage and organization:

• The vacuum pump from ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE is a modern, compact tool that allows you to create a vacuum in all compatible containers and bags.

• You can use it directly on the handy containers you can use for vacuum sealing: Our plastic or borosilicate glass vacuum containers are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. 

• ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE vacuum sealing bags are ideal for sous-vide cooking and freezing – without freezer burn. 

• The comprehensive product range from ZWILLING Vacuum World includes many handy accessories to support a fresh, healthier everyday life. Wine sealers, liquid barriers or elastic bands – literally everything you could possibly need to guarantee freshness.

ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE – your advantages at a glance

With this versatile range, you will quickly reach a new level of freshness and health with your food and ingredients: These naturally benefit from vacuum storage, as the absence of air significantly slows down the natural decay process. The result: Your food will stay fresh up to 5x longer compared to non-vacuum storage!

ZWILLING vacuum: Just better organized

ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE vacuum containers come in many different sizes, allowing you to vacuum seal any food item. Keep your food fresh and safe at home and on the go with our food storage containers, which come in three different sizes, and our ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE lunch boxes. 

Our food storage containers are compact, practical and fit inside any refrigerator or kitchen cupboard. And if you’d like know how what food is still fresh and for how long, just use your smartphone to check the QR code on the containers – with the Culinary World app!

Vacuum sealing with ZWILLING: Meal Prepper Advantage 

If you like to prepare food in advance due to time constraints and join the meal prepping trend, we’ve got you covered. With ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE, organized meal preparation is a piece of cake. Just do all your cooking in advance, vacuum-pack, and everything will still taste freshly made tomorrow.

Avoid food waste with ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE

And this is how we ultimately succeed in what should really be a concern for all of us: ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE effectively helps to prevents food waste by keeping dishes and ingredients fresh and out of the trash for longer. 

And if you need more good reasons to buy ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE – discover our products here, along with some handy tips and recipes.

* compared to when stored without being vacuum sealed