Kitchen Utensil Holders

Our kitchen aids in practical small format hold your supplies and keep your utensils ready. Good help is simply the best thing in the kitchen!


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Staub Ceramique
11 cm Ceramic Utensil holder
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Kitchen Utensil Holders

Tidy up your kitchen with a utensil holder

Utensil holders have long since superseded traditional cutlery baskets. Not only do they keep your knives, ladles and flatware safe, but they also keep your kitchen tidy and you’ll always have the cooking utensils you need close to hand.

What is a utensil holder and why do I need one?

Utensil holders are available in all different shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all big enough for storing your kitchen tools. You would normally use your utensil holder to store:

Some utensil holders are also specifically designed for storing knives.

The benefits of having a utensil holder in your kitchen

Having a place to store your kitchen utensils offers an entire array of advantages. Once you’ve had the joy of using a utensil holder, you’ll never want to do without one.

1. Better organization

Cooking is only fun when you know that all your kitchen tools have their own allotted place. Endless searches for knives that have been inadvertently placed with the cooking spoons hold you up and lead to frustration. A utensil holder makes sure your kitchen is kept spick and span.

2. All your tools, close at hand

Whether you have to stir the sauce, flip food in the pan or make sure that your dish is served hot. Whatever you’re doing in the kitchen, the right utensils and gadgets should always be close at hand. It’s best to place your utensil holder right next to your stove, then you don’t have to reach far to pick up the kitchen utensil you need.

3. Longer-lasting utensils

By keeping your knives and kitchen tools clean and dry, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. Having a utensil holder in your kitchen can prolong the life of your kitchen utensils.

4. Reduces the risk of injury

Sharp, pointed cooking tools present a significant risk of injury. If these tools are stored loose in the cutlery drawer, it’s easy to cut yourself when reaching inside. You can reduce this risk by using a utensil holder.

The different types of utensil holders

Kitchen utensil holders do not come in one standard, default design. The square box design is a classic, coming in an array of sizes for storing all kinds of kitchen tools, from ladles and whisks to kitchen shears. Other utensil holders are made in the style of a cup, but much heavier and more stable so that they don’t tip over when you’ve filled them with utensils. Some utensil holders are even equipped with an anti-slip silicone pad so that they grip to the surface.

Special utensil holders for kitchen knives

Our range also includes utensil holders which have been specifically designed for storing kitchen knives. They differ from traditional knife blocks in both their design and functionality. When it comes to looks, a knife holder resembles a kitchen canister, but the lid features slots where you can insert your knife blades so you can store your knives safely with the blades down.

Top tip: a utensil holder can also make an excellent kitchen canister

Some of our products are a utensil holder and kitchen canister in one. When you take the lid off a knife holder, you’re left with a stylish canister made out of wood, for example, which you can fill with sugar, salt or other herbs and spices.

The utensil holders available on the ZWILLING online store are exclusive in design and make for an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. For a more organized kitchen, shop wooden or ceramic utensil holders and kitchen canister sets here.