The secret of sous-vide

Sous-vide made easy for you

Sous-vide cooking doesn't have to be complicated. ZWILLING offers you the right Sous-vide products that make vacuum sealing simple, allowing you to focus on making the best meals at home. With Sous-vide cooking:

  1. Everything is cooked evenly, from the edge to the core
  2. You can't over cook your food
  3. You can keep your food at the same cooking temperature in warm water over a long period of time
  4. You can Sous-vide cook vegetables
  5. You cook your food in its own flavours

Everything you need for sous-vide cooking


Sous-vide for experts

ZWILLING offers Sous-vide accessories to provide you with the best cooking experience. The Sous-vide lid retains heat and steam in the pot, helping you save up to 50% worth of energy. The Sous-vide rack keeps your food in place while cooking under water in the pot.



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Vacuum starter set sous-vide, 8-pcs
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Sous-vide lid 24 cm, 18/10 Stainless Steel
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Sous-vide rack, Stainless steel
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Sous-vide - this is how vacuum cooking simply works

The term Sous-vide comes from the French and is translated to "under vacuum". But what does a vacuum sealing have to do with cooking, and what is Sous-vide exactly? It's quite simple. Before the cooking process begins, food such as meat, fish, or vegetables, are vacuum sealed in a foil or bag. The food is then placed in a water bath and cooked gently and evenly at a consistent water temperature. 

These are the advantages of Sous-vide

Anyone who enjoys tender meat or fish fillets and prepares both at home will know that the right cooking point is essential for the best result. Regardless of whether medium or medium rare is desired, finding the right cooking temperature and the optimal cooking time is not always that easy, and challenges even the most experienced cooks.

Vacuum cooking in a water bath involves cooking at a low temperature and over a longer period of time. This has many advantages: The perfect cooking point can no longer be missed or exceeded. Meat, fish, but also vegetables and fruit, which you want to cook to a certain point succeeds without any problems. Especially when preparing meat, the advantages of Sous-vide cooking come into play, compared to cooking in the oven. For example: the meat loses significantly less liquid and remains tender while roasting vs. being cooked at low temperatures in the oven, which will lose significant amounts of liquid and risking that you’ll miss the correct cooking point. Additionally, the food must be monitored constantly, and the core temperature checked. 

Slow cooking for better time management

This reveals yet another advantage that speaks in favour of Sous-vide cooking. In vacuum cooking, the optimum temperature is kept constant for the entire time, so you can’t overcook it. This advantage is particularly appreciated by professional chefs, as the processes in a professional kitchen require optimal time management, where nothing could go wrong. But this aspect of Sous-vide cooking can also be gained by amateur cooks. If the guests are late, there is a delay in the side dishes - the Sous-vide cooked food can simply remain in the water bath longer - the cooking process does not progress any further. Virtually a guarantee of success of your dish, thanks to Sous-vide!

Why vacuum cooking provides better taste & more flavour

Anyone who takes a closer look at the topic of Sous-vide quickly realizes that there are many aspects that speak in favour of this cooking method, especially when it comes to the preparation of high-quality meat and fish products. The type of cooking has a significant influence on the taste of the food. In other words, a good piece of meat, as well as fresh and expensive vegetables, should always be cooked in a way that preserves their flavour. 

Another advantage of Sous-vide cooking is that the food is vacuum sealed and cannot lose its liquids. Nothing can escape and meat or fish even cooks in its own unique aroma. Vacuum seal packaging ensures that the food, no matter what kind, does not come into contact with water or air. This way there is no oxidation or loss of liquids, vitamins, and nutrients. All of this becomes noticeable in the end form of an excellent flavour and taste experience.

What you need for Sous-vide

If you want to try Sous-vide cooking at home, you'll need some equipment. But don't worry, it’s not that complicated. In principle, you only need three things for vacuum cooking:

- A vacuum sealer or vacuum pump including bags

- A Sous-vide device

- A water bath (here, depending on the Sous-vide device, you can simply use a pot)

Vacuum sealing is the first and most important step towards your way to the perfect steak or fish fillet. The vacuum bags used should be heat-resistant and BPA-free. For additional flavours, food can also be marinated within the bags. To do this, simply add the desired marinade with aromatic herbs, such as thyme, to the meat or fish and vacuum seal everything together.

Depending on which Sous-vide device you choose, the structure of the water bath looks different. Some Sous-vide products have an integrated water bath container, others are compact sticks that can simply be placed in a cooking pot with water. The advantage of Sous-vide sticks is they’re compact shaped devices that are flexible to use within any pot and can be stored after use to save space in your kitchen. Other Sous-vide accessories, such as grids for organizing the bags in the pot, are also available. 

You want to keep Sous-vide as simple as possible? The FRESH & SAVE Sous-vide Starter Set is your easy way into uncomplicated vacuum cooking. Vacuum sealing with FRESH & SAVE vacuum pump and bags and let the new ENFINIGY Sous-vide stick take care of the rest with a water bath.

The Sous-vide unit brings the water to the preset cooking temperature and time. All you have to do is set it based on the type of food and portion size, as well as the degree of cooking (medium rare or medium, for example). 

Our cooking table tells you which temperature and cooking time you should select for which food - simply download here

You can then place the vacuumed food in the water bath and remove it after the cooking time has passed. Afterwards, meat or fish can simply be seared briefly. After that, just sit back and enjoy!

Which foods are particularly suitable for vacuum cooking?

Sous-vide is often associated with meat or fish, and in fact this cooking method is particularly suitable for precisely preparing these foods. This can range from salmon and beef steaks to poultry and much more that is wonderfully suited for Sous-vide cooking. Add to that the vacuum cooking of vegetables, eggs, or fruit, or even for desserts. After all, it is not only with meat that the cooking point is quickly missed; vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower can also quickly overcook and fall apart. Just as with fish and meat, Sous-vide cooking can remedy this.

Looking for ideas and inspiration to try Sous-vide cooking? We've put together some recipes for Sous-vide cooking that will make your introduction to vacuum cooking as tasty as possible.