Our elegant pitchers and decanters are designed for stylishly serving everything from wine, tea, soft drinks, or juice.


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2 Results
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ZWILLING Sorrento Plus
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ZWILLING Prédicat Glassware
25.5-oz, Decanter
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Carafes as part of a stylish table decoration

Carafes are an established part of a lovingly set table. They are usually filled with water or juice to present these drinks in style. Find the right carafe for your table setting from our range now.

Why do I need a carafe?

The carafe is designed to put soft drinks on the table in a tasteful and attractive way. It replaces the classic juice or sparkling water bottle, which would disturb the beautiful table arrangement with its commercial label. Instead, drinks are transferred into the carafe, which usually offers even more volume than the water bottle as well. So you don't have to get up to fetch more water so often.

Jugs and pitchers as practical serving aids

Carafes are usually shaped to allow for easy, drip-free pouring. For this, they have either a narrow rim or an extra spout, which makes it easier to fill glasses. Are your guests’ glasses empty? Then refill them elegantly from the carafe.

Glass or ceramic carafes: Which is better?

You can buy carafes made of either glass or ceramic online in the ZWILLING online store. Both versions have their advantages.

Glass jugs & crystal carafes

Carafes made of glass or crystal present your drinks in tasteful style. In a water carafe, for example, you can add a few slices of lemon to enhance the flavor and keep the drink fresh. This not only tastes better, but also looks nicer for your guests. In addition, you can always see the water level through the glass and refill it in time. The glass carafe is usually used to serve drinks at room temperature or cold with ice cubes. A special highlight is the ZWILLING Sorrento Plus series’ double-wall glass carafe and matching double-wall thermal glasses.

Ceramic carafes

A ceramic carafe lets you serve either hot or cold drinks. It is not visually inferior to a glass or crystal carafe, and is an attractive part of the table decoration. Ceramic carafes come in many different colors so you can choose one to match your dinnerware. The material is very easy to clean, robust and durable.

Which carafe is suitable for the dishwasher?

Do you still have to wash some dishes by hand? Avoid this by buying dishwasher-safe dinnerware. Both glass and ceramic is suitable for the dishwasher. Look at the technical information when purchasing to see if the material is listed as dishwasher-safe.

Can the carafe be placed in the microwave?

Ceramic carafes are suitable for the microwave. You can reheat tea or other hot drinks in them, for example. Glass carafes should not be placed in the microwave. They should in any case only be used for soft drinks that do not need heating.

How big should the carafe be?

Carafes should be large enough for you to fill with at least one liter of drink. You can also get jugs with a smaller filling volume, which can be used, for example, to pour milk for coffees.

Glass carafes with lids to keep drinks fresh longer

To avoid flies or dirt getting into the drink through the carafe’s opening, use a carafe with a stopper. This closes it securely.

Looking for a carafe to suit your table set-up? Then you can find carafes made of glass and ceramic in the ZWILLING online store.