Shop serving platters and serving dishes for plating every dish, from sliced roasts to vegetable sides and hearty salads.


3 Results
3 Results
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Staub Dining Line
10-inch, Serving dish, white truffle
4.8 Star Rating (46 Reviews)
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Staub Cast Iron - Specialty Items
13-inch x 9-inch, Rectangular Serving Dish With Wood Base, Black Matte
4.8 Star Rating (23 Reviews)
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Staub Dining Line
oval serving dish, white
4.8 Star Rating (45 Reviews)
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High-quality serving dishes for aesthetic food presentation

It’s nice to present home-cooked food in a visually appealing way. You can serve food stylishly and appetizingly with the service plates and serveware from our online store. For successful evenings and satisfied guests, we are delighted to present our selection of serving plates that will perfectly complement your dinnerware set.

Cook with passion and serve with love: Our serving plate assortment

Whether it’s cakes, sauces, casseroles or canapés: Each dish has its own serving requirements. The selection of serving plates and serveware from our store is correspondingly large – from the exotic Teppanyaki to the serving bowl in the shape of a pumpkin. We are delighted to present a short overview of our range for you here.

Serving plates in different shapes

Square, rectangular or round: We offer an assortment of service plates in a wide range shapes and colors to match your existing dinnerware.


Teppanyaki is the name given to a steel serving plate suitable for preparing dishes directly at the table. You can prepare grilled vegetables or sear pieces of meat and serve them at the table at the same time.

Serving boards

Mini cocottes are inserted in our serving trays to keep ragouts or gratins warm at the table.

Cocottes in tasty shapes

The cocotte is an oven-safe dish for preparing and serving various dishes. The design of these bowls is modeled after foods such as pumpkins, artichokes or tomatoes.

Serving plate for tapas and dips

Our serveware for tapas consists of small bowls in various sizes, in which you can lovingly serve little snacks. The more appetizers there are, the longer the evening.

Serving dishes for cheese

Often, a delicious dinner concludes with a cheese platter. You can present your cheese selection in style with a serving plate specially designed for cheese. Our serveware with cheese covers are also ideal for special breakfasts.

Special service plates for exotic dishes

Looking for special dinnerware for exotic foods like snails? We offer suitable products for this too, such as our snail plates. You will also find a suitable serving dish for fresh fish with our cast-iron covered fish pan.

Our tip: Feel free to check out our assortment of dessert bowls to round off your successful evening.

Only the best for your dining table: High-quality serving dishes

When selecting our serving dishes, we pay attention to the quality as well as the design, so that you can enjoy the products for a long time. We offer serving plates and platters from the Demeyere, STAUB and ZWILLING brands to give you a wide choice of designs and materials. Design is a key factor for any serving platter purchase too. Get inspired by our range of items for attractive food presentation.

What material should serving dishes be made of?

You should always look for corrosion-resistant materials when choosing suitable serving dishes. You will find serving plates made of ceramic, cast iron or stainless steel, which do not rust and are mostly dishwasher-safe as well.

Buy serving dishes in the ZWILLING online store

Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or simply everyday life: You can find decorative plates for any occasion with us. Feel free to look around our range for a matching serving tray that will make your favorite dishes taste good at first sight.