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Tea Kettles

Tea kettles - shapely classics for the perfect tea pleasure

Kettles with a pipe have enriched the kitchen since the 17th century. Well-designed tea kettles automatically indicate when the tea water is ready. This works with the help of boiling water. It evaporates and escapes from the outlet of the kettle, which is also called a pipe kettle. A loud signal tone sounds through the attached pipe, indicating that you can now brew the tea. At ZWILLING you can get modern pipe kettles made of selected materials. You can choose between timeless designs and classic retro designs. These offers from the ZWILLING online store offer you numerous practical advantages.

Tea kettles: The basis for successful tea

Preparing tea properly is an art in itself. In addition to the right mixture of teas and the infusion time, which must be observed exactly, the water temperature plays an important role. Boiling water is ideal for tea specialties such as black tea, green tea as well as fruit and herbal blends. A pipe kettle heats the water to the right temperature before it tells you by whistling.

This classic method has proven itself over many centuries and is still considered an extremely stylish way of preparing boiling water today. Placed on the shelf or in the oven, the kettle is also an attractive decorative object. You can also give the high-quality tea kettles from ZWILLING as a wonderful gift. This original gift idea goes down particularly well if you add one or more tea specialties so that the recipient can try out the pipe kettle right away.

Discover Tea kettles at ZWILLING

ZWILLING carries high-quality water kettles with pipe attachments. The tea kettles are made of odorless and tasteless stainless steel score points with excellent heat conduction and heat storage. Together with the tightly closing lid, you can boil water in an energy-saving way. Also, these kettles are easy to clean and impress with their beautiful, noble shine.

The pipe kettles from ZWILLING are suitable for all types of stoves including induction and are therefore very flexible in use. For additional comfort and safety, some models have plastic cold handles. They remain pleasantly cool and can be touched with the bare hand while the water inside the kettle is boiling.

Furthermore, these pipe kettles are a fascinating eye-catcher on the tea table next to your tea cups and tableware. In addition to products from ZWILLING, there are also models from other brands, such as DEMEYERE, to discover. The Belgian specialist for stainless steel cookware uses the latest production techniques and technologies for its pipe kettles. Kettles of this brand combine a classic appearance with practical extras and contemporary materials.