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Grill Pans & Griddles

Those who do not want to do without grilled meat in winter can fall back on a grill pan or griddle. As on a grill, the food is grilled at a high temperature. Because the pan is made of cast iron, the heat is optimally transferred. Also, the grooving of the bottom gives the food the typical grain of a grill.

Properties of a grill pan

Grill pans usually have a rectangular shape and have a grooved bottom. A particularly positive characteristic of a cast-iron grill pan is the even distribution of heat, which means that meat, fish, or vegetables are cooked quickly and evenly. Due to the elevations on the bottom, the food to be grilled does not lie completely on the bottom, unlike a normal frying pan. This means that the excess fat collects in the spaces between the grooves, preventing cooking in its juice.

A griddle has a smooth surface and is perfect for frying eggs, pancakes and breakfast bacon.

Advantages of grill pans at a glance:

  • Suitable for almost all types of stoves: induction, gas, electric, and ceramic
  • Gentle and low-fat cooking
  • Barbecue food gets typical grill grain
  • Suitable for the oven (make sure the handle is removable)
  • High heat resistance of cast iron grill pans

Use and maintenance of a grill pan

Frying in a grill pan is different from traditional cooking in a frying pan. The grill pan, e.g. made of cast iron with grooves, is first heated to the desired temperature. Safety advice: Never leave the cooking area when heating up! Then a few drops of oil are added to the pan and the food to be fried is added.

Caution: If it starts to smoke there is too much heat.

If you use a cast iron grill pan or griddle, care is especially important. These are usually also coated. It is best to use only kitchen aids such as plastic or silicone spatulas. Since these are not coated, the pans should only be cleaned with hot saltwater and a sponge after cooling down. If the grill pan is very dirty, it can also be cleaned with steel wool.