The Chinese chef’s knife has a large rectangular blade and is suitable for vegetables, meat and fish.


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3 Results
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18 cm Chinese chef's knife
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18 cm Chinese chef's knife
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18 cm Chinese chef's knife
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Chinese Chef's Knives & Choppers

The Chinese chef’s knife — a shapely knife!

Chinese chef’s knives and German cuisine — do they go well together? And how! Not only that: Chinese chef’s knives are very good for the entire culinary world. This is because of their excellent properties, exquisite materials and characteristic shape. These knives from China are particularly popular here in Germany and throughout the world. If you want to enhance your knife set with an efficient kitchen knife, you can find out more here and then conveniently buy a Chinese chef’s knife online.

Chinese vs. European chef’s knives

A Chinese chef’s knife differs from chef’s knives widely used in Germany and Europe primarily due to its special shape. Outwardly, it is more reminiscent of a cleaver, due to its rectangular shape, and so is also called a “Chinese chopping knife”.

Typical Chinese chef’s knife: the shape of the blade

A feature of the Asian chef’s knife is the broad blade with a straight or slightly curved cutting edge. Due to this shape the Chinese chef’s knife cannot be used with the rocking cut, common in Europe, instead, a pushing or pulling cut is used. A big advantage of the Asian shape of this chef’s knife is that you can pick up and move cut food with this knife very easily. The length of the blade of a Chinese knife is about twice the width. Generally the blades are 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide.

Chinese chef’s knife for bite-sized food

In Asian cuisine it is not usual that the food is first cut up on the plate. Instead it is chopped up in the kitchen and served in bite-sized pieces. You have to be flexible for this type of preparation, that’s why chef’s knives that are equally suitable for chopping meat, fish and vegetables are helpful. With them all types of food can be prepared and served quickly and easily.

A good addition: the Santoku knife

In Europe a Santoku knife is a compromise between Chinese knives and other chef’s knives. It is wider than a European chef’s knife, but narrower than a Chinese one. In addition, the Santoku knife is not as pointed.

Chinese knives: sharp due to ice hardening

A special manufacturing process gives a Chinese chef’s knife from our range its particular sharpness. It is made from extremely hard stainless steel and significantly heavier than the chef’s knives commonly used in Europe. Chinese chef’s knives from ZWILLING have FRIODUR blades, manufactured using a special ice-hardening process, and thus are reliably sharp for a long time.

Universal and yet special: Chinese chef’s knives

The special shape of the classic Chinese chef’s knife from ZWILLING offers many possible uses. You can work as if with a cleaver with this knife yet at the same time you can pare soft foods such as fish with clean, fine cuts. You can cut chives and other herbs with this knife, as well as slicing a roast. Thanks to the width of the blade you can simply slide all food easily onto the knife, then into a cooking pot or onto a platter.

Design and handling

In addition to it being extremely practical, a Chinese knife from ZWILLING features an elegant design. The black plastic grip is non-slip and designed so that it sits optimally in the hand. The weight of the knife is balanced, which makes it easier for you to use them safely.