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Learning to eat made easy: Buy kids’ stainless steel cutlery

Eating, just like running and talking, must first be learned in childhood. At around two years old kids can hold a spoon on their own and put it to their mouth. Knives and forks come later. Here we have summarized which kid’s cutlery is right and what you should consider when choosing kids’ forks, spoons and knives.

The most important features of kids’ cutlery at a glance

Eating implements for kids should be made so that they assist with their motor skills and they can easily learn how to eat. Hand-eye coordination is not yet mature enough for the spoon to be brought safely to the mouth. So the following features are all the more important as they cater for quick, successful results.

Ergonomic design

Kids’ cutlery must be ergonomic for small hands and fingers so they can be held more safely. For this, eating tools for kids generally have a wide handle that doesn’t slip easily from the hand.

Pretty motifs

If play has to be interrupted because the next meal has arrived, kids can quickly become frustrated. Pretty motifs of princesses, knights or cute animals lift the mood right away. Eating should be fun.

No risk of injury

Kids’ cutlery is often waved in the air the first time they try to eat. So it’s important that kids’ knives are blunt and that forks don’t have sharp prongs.


Kids still don’t have much strength in their fingers. A kid’s cutlery set should be light so that the child can eat effortlessly with it.

Kids’ cutlery often accompanies toddlers throughout the first years of life. So it’s all the more important not to compromise on quality and decide on a high-quality, ergonomic cutlery set.

What is there in a kid’s cutlery set?

An eating set for kids generally has four pieces:

  • kid’s fork
  • kid’s knife
  • big tablespoon
  • small tablespoon

For the first attempt only the big spoon is needed. Later comes the fork and at last the knife.

What is the most suitable material for a kids’ flatware?

Generally, stainless steel kid’s cutlery has replaced plastic cutlery. With plastic small scratches form quickly, in which food remains can get stuck. So plastic cutlery is not so easily cleaned.

In contrast, stainless steel has a very smooth surface. This feels pleasant in the mouth and even has a cooling effect if a tooth is about to come out. Kids’ spoons, forks and knives made from stainless steel have no sharp edges that your child could hurt themselves on while eating.

18/10 stainless steel is hygienic and low maintenance. It can simply be put in the dishwasher. In addition, kids’ cutlery made from stainless steel looks very high quality and goes very well with stainless steel cutlery for adults.

Give kids’ cutlery as a gift for special occasions

Kids’ cutlery is a popular gift idea for a baptism or birthday. Engraved kids’ cutlery or with printed motifs from the ZWILLING online shop is of high-quality and meets all the important requirements of a good four-piece set of cutlery.

Are you looking for high-quality kids’ flatware for your child or as a gift for a special occasion? You’ll find the right cutlery in the ZWILLING online shop.