Steamer inserts

Turn your pot into a steamer with these handy inserts. Ideal for preserving the nutrients and vitamins of your vegetables while cooking them to crisp-tender perfection.


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3 Results
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18/10 Stainless Steel Steamer Insert
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Demeyere Atlantis
5.5 qt, 18/10 Stainless Steel Steamer Insert
4.8 Star Rating (28 Reviews)
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Staub Cast Iron - Accessories
4.75 qt, Stainless Steel Steamer Insert
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Steamer Inserts

Buy steamer inserts for pasta, vegetables, fish and meat online

Cook pasta or steam vegetables: There are special stainless steel steamer inserts for these kitchen jobs, with which you can achieve the ideal cooking degree. In the following article you can read about which steamer inserts there are for pots and why a pasta insert is indispensable for pasta lovers.

Why buy a pan or steamer insert for your pot?

Going forward you can gently prepare meat, fish and vegetable with these kitchen utensils. No vitamins or other nutrients are lost and your pasta will turn out just the way you like it. We’ve summarized the differences between a steamer insert and a pasta insert here, and how you use these utensils in your kitchen.

Steamer inserts for pots

Food gently poached in a pan insert is especially good for you. It retains its natural taste and nutrients and cannot easily be overcooked. Which dishes turn out well with a steamer insert in the pot you’ll find out in the list below:

Steam vegetables

Vegetables lose their nutrients very quickly if they are cooked too hot or for too long. In contrast, if you steam them, many of the vitamins and nutrients are retained. Potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and many other vegetables are cooked to perfection in a steamer insert or basket.

Poach fish

Fish should be prepared carefully If you steam it in a water bath it cooks slowly and retains its natural flavors. Trout, red fish or salmon in particular can be cooked especially well in a steamer insert. Steam small fish whole, in their skin.

Cooking meat

Tender meat such as, for example, turkey, also turns out well in a steamer insert. You can also sauté the meat for a short time before steaming, so that the flavors develop better. For even cooking the pieces should be the same size.

How do I use a steamer insert for a pan?

Visually speaking, a steamer insert for a pot looks like a sieve. It is placed in the cookware in such a way that the cooking liquid does not come into contact with the food and the water cannot wash out the nutrients.

With this steamer insert you can combine cooking and frying and save energy at the same time.

Top tip: Choose the right steamer insert

Steamer inserts come in different sizes. Check when choosing that the steamer insert fits the diameter of your pot.

Pasta inserts for pots

This steamer insert is an ideal addition to your cooking pot. The peculiarity of this insert is the integrated sieve, through which you can directly drain off your pasta. Going forward you no longer need to tip spaghetti and pasta out of the pot into the sieve, which saves cookware and work.

How do I use a pasta insert?

The pasta insert is easily set into a high or wide pot. There must be enough water in the pan so that the pasta comes into contact with the boiling water. Once the pasta has cooked, take the insert out and the pasta is automatically drained.

Steamer inserts make cooking easier and ensure that fish, meat and vegetables retain their natural flavors. We hope you enjoy browsing our ZWILLING range of steamer and pasta inserts.