ZWILLING Joy Plus 24 cm 18/10 Stainless Steel Frying pan


Your pan for everything

  • All-rounder thanks to Permaresist Ultra Coating
  • Scratch-resistant: use of stainless steel kitchen gadgets possible
  • For all hob types, including induction
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Size: 24 cm
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This 24cm ZWILLING Joy Plus pan combines the components of coated and uncoated pans and allows you to discover many new culinary highlights! The pan accompanies you in all types of cooking: gentle cooking or searing. From vegetables and steak to egg dishes or pasta, you can prepare everything in it.

The special coating acts like a protective grid on the pan, so you can use stainless steel kitchen gadgets without any worries. It's also easy to clean after use. This 24cm pan is ideal for making small vegetable stir-fries or egg dishes – the perfect choice for small households.

The 3-layer pan body with aluminium core distributes the heat evenly in the pan. This ZWILLING Joy Plus pan is open for everything: use it on any type of hob, including induction, and even in the oven up to 200 degrees. Thanks to the particularly wide pouring rim, you can pour safely and precisely - without any dripping!

Upgrade your kitchen to the next level with the ZWILLING Joy Plus pan, your new all-rounder pan for cooking in a new dimension.


  • Permaresist Ultra Coating – combines the advantages of coated and uncoated pans
  • One pan for everything from searing to roasting and gentle frying
  • All kitchen gadgets, including those made of stainless steel, can be used
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Suitable for all hob types, incl. induction
  • Oven-safe up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Extra wide pouring rim for safe and precise pouring
  • Ergonomic stainless steel handle


  • Item no. 1029412
  • Heat resistance: 200 ºC
  • Cold resistance: -15 ºC
  • Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Type of handle: Long handle
  • Surface finishing: matt/polished
  • Coating: Permaresist Ultra
  • Internal coating: PTFE
  • Bottom technology: Sigma Clad
  • Handle fixing: welded
  • Lid existing: No
  • Induction: Yes
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Oven-safe: Yes
  • Stovetop-safe: Yes
  • Metal-utensil-safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe: Yes
  • Net weight: 1.12 kg
  • Capacity: 2.11 l
  • Length of product: 48.00 cm
  • Width of product: 25.50 cm
  • Height of product: 8.90 cm
  • Upper diameter: 24.00 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 18.00 cm
  • Handle length: 22.50 cm
ZWILLING Joy Plus 24 cm 18/10 Stainless Steel Frying pan
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Experience the revolutionary Permaresist Ultra Coating, equipped with cutting-edge micro-engraving technology. This innovative coating bridges the gap between coated and uncoated cookware, offering the best of both worlds. Its incredible versatility allows for a wide range of cooking methods, from searing and gentle simmering to deep-frying. With your trusty stainless steel utensils, effortlessly clean the pans and unlock a whole new level of culinary expertise.

The all-in-one coating

Introducing the ultimate solution: the Permaresist Ultra Coating, featuring stainless steel that functions similarly to an uncoated pan, making it perfect for searing steaks. Not only that, but the coated surface is also ideal for gentle cooking.

Metal utensils welcome!

The unique coating acts as a protective barrier, shielding the coating and making it resistant to scratches and abrasions. This enables you to confidently use your metal kitchen utensils in the pan without concern.

Enjoy the new versatility

From searing to roasting: with the ZWILLING Joy Plus pan, you only need one pan in the kitchen. Whether for vegetables, fish, meat or pastry dishes.