A good kitchen depends on good supplies. And they need practical storage containers. Small, large, round, square, glass or wooden – we have everything good for your supplies.


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Buy decorative kitchen storage jars for your kitchen

Decorative storage jars look chic in the kitchen and allow you to store food in a neatly arranged way. Especially loose ingredients such as peas, lentils, or rice get a firm place on the kitchen shelf in a storage tin, are stored dry, and are quick to hand with a handle. You can also store products such as butter, spices, or garlic stylishly and practically with the special storage sets from STAUB.

Storage boxes made of ceramic: timelessly beautiful country house style

The traditional manufacturer STAUB from France produces among other things ceramic tins, which are characterized by their robust processing. The smooth surfaces are also easy to clean. They are ideal for light-sensitive foods such as garlic, onions, or tea, because thanks to the tightly closing lid, your supplies are well protected from light. Furthermore, food is stored cooler in ceramic containers than in plastic containers. This promotes a long shelf life and preserves aromas.

The models in the ZWILLING online store are available in many attractive colors. You can thus adapt your storage jars very well to your color concept as well as existing tableware, glassware, and table linen.

Glass storage jars as an eye-catcher

Another clever idea for your kitchen equipment is glass storage jars. The variants at ZWILLING have a tightly closing metal lid with a silicone seal. This way, supplies such as salt, sugar, or flour are well protected from humidity. They remain dry and spreadable without lumping.

The discreet yet elegant design of these kitchen gadgets made of glass and stainless steel is ideal for a modern living environment. The transparent vessels allow the viewer a view of the respective contents. Several containers with different supplies such as pasta, cereals, or legumes are particularly decorative. Green, red and brown lentils or different types of pasta, for example, are particularly suitable here. Arranged next to each other, storage cans bring a natural splash of color into the kitchen.

Another advantage is the uncomplicated cleaning because you can simply put these glass containers and lids in the dishwasher if necessary. By the way: Precious storage jars and containers made of glass or ceramic are also very good gifts. Arranged together with matching supplies in a gift basket, such gifts are very popular.