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Peelers - for peeling your fruit and veg quickly and efficiently

Peelers are doubly efficient. First of all, it takes less time and effort to peel your fruit and vegetables thanks to the specialized blade. Secondly, you only peel off what really needs to be peeled off and the rest stays part of the piece of fruit or veg without being unnecessarily discarded. Sound good? Thinking this would be a good addition to your kitchen? Then pick up a ZWILLING peeler from our range of practical kitchen utensils and make peeling twice as efficient.

Peelers against food waste

Even if you use the best kitchen knife and are well-practiced in peeling, there will probably still be a lot of waste. When peeling apples, potatoes and the like, you often lose a lot of the fruit or veg itself together with the peel. But it doesn’t have to be this way: all you need is an efficient peeler.

Preparing fruit and vegetables - a challenge, at least without a peeler

The verb ‘to peel’ comes from the fact that you’re removing the peel from the fruit or vegetable, and that’s exactly what you want to do, remove only the peel from your food. This presents a bit of a challenge, particularly if the piece of fruit or veg is slightly odd in shape. But not with a specially-designed peeler, featuring a blade which has been developed to efficiently and evenly separate the thin layer of peel from the piece of fruit or veg.

Fast peeling made easy with our peelers

This means that our peelers give you more food for your money. And the efficiency doesn’t stop there: you can also become more time-efficient. A lot of time and effort is needed to use a standard paring knife for your fruit and veg. Peelers, however, are not only precise, but also fast, even when peel is thin or stubborn.

Invention and origin: the history of the peeler

So practical in so many ways - who do we have to thank for this great invention? The answer is Albert Deimel from the Sauerland region of Germany. He brought the peeler into kitchens when he applied for a patent back in 1936. His design is simple yet functional: he combined a blade with a - partly adjustable - spacer to ensure that the surface being cut underneath the peel remains even as it is being fed through the device. The Swiss inventor Alfred Neweczerzal then refined the device in 1947 by attaching a moving blade. This is known as a swivel peeler and is also available on the ZWILLING online store.

How do I use a peeler?

If you’ve been eyeing up the products from our range and fancy getting one for yourself, you have a choice between a peeler and swivel peeler. Both kitchen gadgets have their advantages depending on what you’re using them for: potatoes are best peeled with a fixed blade whilst a swivel blade is more suitable for asparagus. But ultimately, the type of peeling device you opt for is really down to personal preference.

Peelers by ZWILLING make the job a whole lot easier

They do have one thing in common: they make peeling much easier, faster and less tiresome, so cooking can be an enjoyable affair. They should definitely be part of your basic kitchen equipment.

Buy a peeler with ZWILLING

High-quality blades are just as important as well-crafted, durable material. Modern peelers by ZWILLING are mainly made from 18/10 stainless steel. They are sturdy, do not lend any taste to food and are also dishwasher-safe. At ZWILLING, you can find an array of paring knives and peeling devices with various extra features, such as loops for hanging or sharpened tips for cutting out small bad sections.