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Saute pans for serving in style

Serve food direct from the stove or oven to the table: This is exactly what you can do with saute pan. You can read about the advantages of having a saute pan with a high rim in your household in the following article.

What distinguishes a saute pan?

A saute pan is a large (at least 28 cm in diameter), round frying pan with a high rim. One difference is the handles. While a frying pan has a single, long handle, a saute pan has two handles on the side so it can easily be taken out of the oven. The main difference however is the pan’s uses. While you take food out of a frying pan and put it on a plate or dish, you can serve your food directly from a saute pan.

Overview of all features of a saute pan:

A handle on both sides

A saute pan has two handles so you can pick it up easily. These are not usually hot unless the pan has been in the oven.

A pan with a high edge.

Saute pans are similar to braisers, with a high-sided rim. This creates a larger volume in the pan and you can serve a greater number of people with your high-sided pan.

Saute pans with a lid

You can buy some saute pans together with a lid. This keeps your food hot for longer at the table. It doesn’t matter too much if the lid is made of glass or cast iron.

Boil, fry, cook

The saute pan is not restricted to one type of cooking. You can boil, fry or cook meat, fish and vegetables in it. Many saute pans are suitable for the oven too.

Stylish design

Saute pans don’t disappear into the cupboard after cooking, but are placed in the middle of the table. So they should be visually appealing too — you eat with your eyes.

Which is the right saute pan for me?

Saute pans can be made from different materials. There are two main types of material in use.

1. Aluminum saute pans

Saute pans made from aluminum have the advantage of being very light and easy to handle. Aluminum transmits heat well so you can save energy when cooking. Visually aluminum has advantages too, pans in this material look classy and appealing on the dinner table as serving dishes.

2. Stainless steel saute pans

Stainless steel saute pans have very good heat-transfer properties and fit in visually with the rest of your stainless steel kitchen equipment. They are scratchproof and easy to clean.

3. Cast iron saute pans

A cast iron saute pan stores heat very well which makes it very suitable for table serving. Your food stays warmer for longer when you put it on the dining table.

NB: Most professional saute pans have a special finish. Non-stick coatings ensure that the food doesn’t burn in the pan and that the bottom is suitable for induction ovens. You can find out which finish was used for which saute pan by reading the respective item’s details page.

Buy saute pans for your induction stove

Induction cooking has now become standard in private kitchens. Because of this many saute pans — including aluminum ones — are suitable for induction stoves You can find out if the pan with the high rim you selected is suitable for your induction stove plates by reading the technical details.

Do you like to invite guests or are you passionate about cooking for your family? Then in future serve your food direct in a high-quality saute pan. Buy the right pan online here.