The best for every slice

Three excellent functions

With ZWILLING ENFINIGY toasters, you can defrost, reheat and warm up.

Evenly toasted thanks to bread slice centering

In an ENFINIGY toaster, toast takes center stage – and is centered to ensure it is evenly browned. 

Toast well and safely

Our toasters work with an automatic switch-off and an extra lift function – to keep fingers safe.

It’s more than just toast

ENFINIGY toasters are a composition of technology and design. This is where design by Mattheo Thun from Milan meets the art of engineering from Solingen.

The result is elegant 2-slot or 4-slot toasters in silver or black that will enhance your kitchen interior – with seven browning levels and gentle toast output thanks to the soft-lift feature.


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13 Results
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Enjoy maximum toasting


Buy toaster for aromatic toasted bread for breakfast

Flavorful toast with fragrant toasting aromas, even browning, and slices that glide out smoothly. Is that exactly what you expect from a good toaster? Then you're invited to check out our range of modern design toasters, long slot toasters and toasters for two slices - for a delicious breakfast.

What are the differences between toasters?

ZWILLING ENFINIGY toasters differ only in their color. Meanwhile, there is a suitable toaster variant for every demand, with which you can enjoy your breakfast to the fullest. For this purpose, ZWILLING offers you the possibility to choose between noble kitchen appliances in different sizes and also helpful accessories.

1. Long slot toaster

In a long slot toaster you can brown four toasts at the same time with only one toasting process. The slot is so long that it always fits two slices side by side or a long slice of bread. A special feature of the long slot toasters from our range is that each toast is toasted with a separate heating unit. This results in even browning on all sides.

2. Toaster for two slices

If you only eat toast occasionally or never need more than two slices in the morning, then the 2-slice toaster is just what you need. Even if you like your toast hot and toast several slices in a row, you'll always get a consistent browning. In its compact format, it fits in any kitchen to save space.

3. Toaster with bun attachment

Some love toast, others buns. So that all wishes can be fulfilled at the same time, there are toasters with a bun attachment to buy. You use the heat while toasting, and can toast toasts and rolls at the same time. This saves energy and ensures that all family members can sit down at the breakfast table at the same time.

The functions of ZWILLING toasters at a glance

The ZWILLING ENFINIGY toasters impress with a wide range of functions and several browning levels. The result of each toasting process is always the same: An evenly browned toast that glides out gently thanks to the soft-lift function.

Uniform browning even with multiple toasting processes

With conventional toasters, browning increases the more often the toasting process is repeated. With a ZWILLING ENFINIGY toaster, the toasting time is automatically shortened if several toasting processes take place in succession.

Smooth sliding out of the toast slices

Your toast slides gently out of your long-slice toaster or 2-slice toaster when the toasting process is finished. Even smaller slices are transported upwards so that you can easily remove them. With a separate lever you can also help a little.

Different browning levels

Do you prefer your toast gently browned or golden? Thanks to various programs and settings, you get it just the way you like it.

No burning of the bread

An automatic system in the toaster ensures that the slices don't burn. After the set toasting time, this is how it shuts off.

Separate heating units for even browning

Each slice of toast is toasted by a separate toasting unit. This ensures an optimal and even heat distribution as well as a beautiful browning for each individual toast slice.

Buy toaster online from ZWILLING ENFINIGY

The design toasters from ZWILLING ENFINIGY are available in different colors. So you can always find the right toaster to match your electronic kitchen equipment - such as ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles. Technical sophistication and design are combined in one appliance.

Have you decided on a long slot toaster, a toaster for two slices or a toaster with bun attachment? Then you can order your toaster directly online now.

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