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Ovenware, Bakers & Casseroles

Ovenware for tasty dishes from the oven

Casseroles, gratins and soufflés are popular delicacies. Already during the cooking time, a seductive aroma from the oven wafts through the kitchen. And when the ovenware is then placed on the dining table, the food is a feast for the senses even before the first bite. /p>

These oven dishes are particularly successful in ceramic or cast-iron casserole dishes. Both materials distribute the heat evenly and thus ensure an optimal cooking process. Vegetables, fish, meat, or poultry become tender and develop their full aroma. At ZWILLING you can obtain, among other things, selected oven dishes from the renowned manufacturer STAUB in various designs and sizes. With these, you can conjure up savory or sweet delicacies out of the oven in no time at all.

STAUB: Professional ovenware with numerous extras

The casserole and gratin dishes at ZWILLING come from the traditional brand STAUB. This manufacturer of dutch ovens, baking tins, and many other kitchen accessories comes from Alsace and is especially in the French kitchen known for its high-quality products. The fireproof molds are made of ceramic or cast iron. Thanks to their timelessly beautiful and elegant appearance, these kitchen gadgets also please the eye. Especially in cast-iron ovenware the casseroles and desserts stay warm for a long time.

The ceramic casserole dishes also have an enameled surface. So they are easy to clean. Also, you can stack many models into one another and store them on shelves or in a cupboard to save space.

STAUB baking dishes are suitable for the oven and grill as well as for all common types of stoves including induction. Therefore they can be used for roasting and gratinating as well as for cooking.

Variable ovenware for the most different occasions

A decisive advantage of ZWILLING is the large selection of different refractory containers. This gives you the possibility to adjust the size of the casserole dishes exactly to the amount of food you want to prepare. For example, there are mini baking pans, fondue pots, and cast iron casseroles for one or two people. You can also use these small casseroles to prepare ready-portioned dishes such as lasagne, cannelloni, and gratins. Why not serve the dishes directly in pans, pots, or tins on the table and delight your guests with this creative idea.

Also, the ZWILLING range includes spacious casserole and gratin dishes for four and more people. These are ideal for family meals and festive occasions with guests. The molds with lids also look very noble and professional.

By the way, STAUB molds are ideal for homemade ice cream: They are very suitable for keeping the ice cream cold and for storing cool delicacies. If you want to serve the ice cream as a dessert, you can again pour it directly from the casserole.