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Good food depends on the right ingredients. An important ingredient for good cooking is the right accessory for your pots and pans. And you can get that right here.


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With ZWILLING cookware accessories you have everything at hand that a really good meal needs. There are a lot of ingredients involved, not only food and condiments, but pots, pans and the like. If you are looking for cookware accessories you are in the right product category of the ZWILLING online shop. Here you’ll find all the pot accessories you’ll need, from splash guards to drip grilles to an individual new knob for a pot.

Cookware accessories for every taste

All of this is exactly the right thing, if you like to customize your kitchen. Tastes are different, not only when eating, but also when preparing. If you agree, the cookware accessories category will be exactly to your taste. Because here we offer you the opportunity to personalize your kitchen.

Now it’s on the lid: buy the knob

Every pan has a lid and on every lid there’s a knob. For many real kitchen fans, a new, individual knob is an important pot accessory, because with a special knob you can give your cookware- for example pots or cocottes - a very personal touch. So you can decorate your favorite pot with a knob in the shape of an animal. Pig, rabbit, rooster or fish - whatever you prefer to prepare.

Pot accessories for cooking from the ZWILLING online shop.

Let’s go one step further in your creative process. The cooker is hot, the water boiling and you need practical pan accessories that make your cooking easier. In this category you’ll find what you’re looking for, many functional items as well as those with aesthetic details. With a splash guard nothing can really go wrong and with our colanders you can wash food as well as pour off boiling water.

Other multi-purpose functional cookware accessories

Anything that still needs to drain after straining and sieving you can simply place on your practical stainless steel draining grille. Alternatively you can put the grille directly into the pan. And your pan lid? Where do you put that while you check off all the other important jobs? How about a lid holder made of high-quality cast iron from our Staub brand? No more dirt and condensation from haphazardly placed pot and pan lids. We also have a solution to this problem in our cookware accessories.

Cookware accessories for serving and storage

An almost timeless offer, but cooking after all, takes time. And for this too we offer you practical, beautiful cookware accessories. How about pots, pans and casseroles with practical protection for your hands, using our plastic handles. Simply pull on over the top and serve with the protective cover so that nobody burns their fingers on it.

And after eating, when you have washed your cookware, our cookware accessories go with it into the cupboard, in the form of pan protectors, so pans can be ideally stored and stacked without damage.

Practical, functional and individual, all to your taste? Then our accessories for pots and pans are just right for you. Equip yourself with those small details for great culinary art and enjoy everyday kitchen life all the more.