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About us

As one of the oldest brands in the world, ZWILLING has always stood for tradition, innovation, quality, design, diversity and trust. But that's not all.

Since its foundation, ZWILLING has endeavoured to look beyond its own national border. ZWILLING sees its mission as bringing together people and their passion for cooking to develop quality products inspired by global cooking and lifestyle trends.

With our culinary journey you can explore in the "lay of the land" module above, we want to go one step further and experience foreign countries through the eyes of their food, culture and lifestyle.This journey also shows how unique the cuisine of every country, region or village is.

Despite numerous differences, there is always one thing in common, no matter where we live: We meet in the kitchen to eat, drink and enjoy together with our loved ones.

Our products are an integral part of this ritual, which is indispensable and should make the preparation of your favourite dish a creative, joyful and collaborative experience - across national borders.

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