Make boiling water a pleasure

More than just hot water

Many functions, more possibilities. Our electric kettles open up a whole new dimension of water for you.

Simply well made

High-quality technology plus exquisite materials. Your water comes exclusively in glass and stainless steel.

Design meets safety

Four designs, five colors, one thing in common: They are all simple and safe to use.

This is how beautiful boiling water can be

Elegant design characterizes the high-quality electric kettles from ZWILLING ENFINIGY. A design that comes with plenty of quality and functionality.

We have combined exquisite materials and modern technology to create electric kettles that you can use in everyday life for tea, soups and even for sterilizing. Your electric kettle supports your everyday life with comfort and safety.


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Get everything you want from your electric kettle


Kettle in stylish design and with a wide range of functions

ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles can not only boil water. They have a much wider range of functions with different temperature settings and features. In terms of design, too, these electric kitchen appliances are an asset to kitchen equipment. Find your new electric kettle now in the ZWILLING online store and be inspired by our electrifying designer pieces.

The special features of ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles

Our electronic kettles combine elegant design with versatile functions. That is already a special combination, but there is more. Discover all the product benefits at a glance, that our design kettles will unleash in your kitchen.

1. Kettle with temperature setting

For the preparation of various tea specialties or sensitive baby food, the setting of several temperature zones is possible.

2. Kettle with temperature display on the sensor touch display

Our kettles are equipped with a temperature display. You can easily read the water temperature on the sensor touch display.

3. Double-walled housing for temperature storage

The kettles from the ZWILLING online store are equipped with a double-walled housing that can keep the temperature inside longer.

4. No burning thanks to 70-degree opening.

High temperatures, high safety: When opening the kettle, direct skin contact with the hot steam is prevented by the 70-degree opening.

5. Kettle with preset programs

To achieve the perfect water temperature, preset programs are selectable. Using the touch function, you simply select the desired temperature that you want the kettle to prepare.

High-quality kettle made of stainless steel: The material with many advantages

Stainless steel is the most suitable material for making kettles. The high-quality 18/10 stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, which is especially important due to the frequent contact of water with the housing. Stainless steel is high quality and matches the rest of many cooking equipment - many pots, pans and cutlery are also made of this material. Stainless steel is also hygienic and does not alter the taste of the water.

Seamless stainless steel container for residue-free cleaning.

The stainless steel container inside is made seamlessly without any crevices, elevations or grooves. As a result, you'll manage to clean it thoroughly.

How safe are ZWILLING kettles?

Our kettles are equipped with various safety features. The 70-degree opening prevents unwanted water leakage. In addition, ZWILLING ENFINIGY kettles are equipped with an overheating protection and an automatic shut-off. This prevents the kettle from running dry, breaking or creating a fire hazard.

Kettle with limescale protection for better water quality

A limescale protection is integrated in the kettle's design, which improves the water quality and taste. This limescale protection is also partly made of stainless steel. Should limescale still occur, the electric kettles can be cleaned with water and a little vinegar essence.

Buy high quality kettles in different designs

You can buy the kettles from our store in two different designs. Does your kitchen rather fit a stainless steel kettle in silver or in black? You can buy both versions online. From the 360° base station you can grab your new kettle from any direction.

Find your new kettle now that combines design and functionality in one device. Also discover our beautifully designed classic kettles and our wide selection of ZWILLING kitchenware.