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Minimalist design electric kettles with a wide range of functions

These days electric kettles don’t only boil water. They have a considerably wider range with different temperature settings and features. Electric kitchen gadgets are designed in such a way as to enhance any kitchen equipment. Find your new electric kettle in the ZWILLING online shop and be inspired by our designer kettles.

What’s special about ZWILLING electric kettles?

Our electronic kettles combine uncomplicated design and versatile functions. What makes them so special? Here you’ll find a consolidated view of all the merits that our designer kettles will bring to your kitchen.

1. Electric kettles with temperature settings

Preparing different specialty teas or sensitive baby food needs water at different temperatures. Our electric kettles are fitted with a temperature display. So you can choose how hot the water that you prepare in your kettle should be.

2. Electric kettles with a temperature display on the sensor-touch display

You can conveniently read the water temperature from the sensor-touch display.

3. Double-walled body to maintain temperature

Electric kettles from the ZWILLING online shop are double-walled to hold the internal temperature for longer.

4. No burning thanks to 70-degree lid opening

When opening a kettle it is easy to burn yourself. So the ENFINIGY series of kettles from ZWILLING are fitted with a 70-degree lid opening. This prevents direct contact to the skin of hot steam.

5. Electric kettles with preset programs

To achieve the perfect water temperature, you can select preset programs. You simply select the desired temperature by touch that you want the kettle to heat to.

High-quality stainless steel electric kettles: the material with many advantages

We think stainless steel is the most suitable material for manufacturing electric kettles. The high-quality 18/10 stainless steel is low corrosion, which is important given the body’s frequent contact with water. Stainless steel always looks high-quality and matches the rest of your kitchen equipment, as most pots, pans and flatware are manufactured from this material. Stainless steel doesn’t impair flavor and does not change the taste of the water.

A seamless container made from stainless steel for non-residue cleaning

The stainless steel container is seamless on the inside, made with no joints, bumps or grooves. So you can clean it thoroughly.

How safe are ZWILLING’s electric kettles?

Our electric kettles have various safety features. The 70-degree lid opening prevents all of the boiling water escaping if it is accidentally knocked over. Instead, only small amounts can leak out. In addition our electric kettles are fitted with overheating protection and automatic switch-off. These prevent the kettle from boiling dry, breaking or becoming a fire hazard.

Electric kettle with limescale protection for better water quality

The Design electric kettles have integrated limescale protection which improves the water quality and taste. This limescale protection is also partially made of stainless steel. If there is a build-up of limescale residue the electric kettles can be cleaned with water and a little vinegar.

What capacity do ZWILLING kettles have?

The ZWILLING electric kettles have a capacity of 1.25 liters to 1.5 liters.

Buy high-quality electric kettles in different designs

You can buy electric kettles in two different designs from our shop. Does a silver or black electric kettle made from stainless steel match your kitchen? You can buy both varieties online. The 360° docking base means you can grab your kettle from any direction.

Find your new electric kettle now that combines design and functionality in one appliance. Discover our elegant, classic kettles and our wide range of ZWILLING kitchen appliances here now.

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