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20 cm Bread knife
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Knife blocks - unequipped the ideal storage for knives

Kitchen knives belong to the basic equipment of a good kitchen. With proper storage, the sharpness of the knife is preserved for a long time, but above all, you protect yourself and your family from injury. For this purpose, ZWILLING offers you high-quality knife blocks. When empty, these holders offer you practical storage space for your knives. Also, they convince with their noble appearance and stylishly set your favorite knives in the scene.

Knife blocks unequipped: Versatile aids in the everyday kitchen life

You use chef's knives in the kitchen almost daily when preparing meat, fish, or vegetables. These tools should always be within easy reach - this saves time and makes work easier. For this purpose, you can buy wooden, unloaded knife blocks from ZWILLING, for example. Such knife blocks can be filled with knife sets at will. Depending on brand and design, they hold space for different vegetable, meat, and fish knives. At ZWILLING you can choose from knife blocks in different variations and sizes to find a model that meets your requirements.

Do you still need inspiration for a gift? In the kitchen world at ZWILLING you will discover stylish knife storage products such as knife stands for a wide variety of knives. Many designs can be used individually as their fixtures are designed for both small and large knives. These include, for example, magnetic knife holders in the form of horizontal or upright wooden boards. The magnetic core holds the blades securely in place and gives you scope for decorative design. Especially Japanese knives with damask blades are real gems on these holding boards.

Naturally good - unequipped knife blocks made of wood

A wooden knife block is already a fascinating eye-catcher when unloaded. Because the material wood provides warmth and comfort. Also the fine grain of the different kinds of wood. Wood transforms sober kitchen accessories into decorative accessories and provides the right setting to present your knife collection attractively. Moreover, wood products are extremely durable.

In the ZWILLING online store, for example, you will find blank knife blocks made of bamboo. This wood has a natural antibacterial effect and thus supports kitchen hygiene. At the same time, bamboo is so hard and durable that the knife blades do not damage it when you bring it in and out so that your knife block remains beautiful for a long time. The smooth wood is also easy to clean. All you have to do is clean your wooden knife blocks with a damp cloth. After drying, the wooden knife holder is quickly ready for use again.

An alternative to bamboo is knife stands made of beech wood. This indigenous type of wood scores with its particularly fine grain and is just as robust and durable as bamboo. Knife holders made of beech wood also impress with their warm, golden-brown color.