Food Waste Action Week With Fresh & Save

Food Waste Action Week

Every bit of food has an environmental impact. And while governments and businesses have an important part to play in fixing the climate crisis, food waste from UK households produces roughly 25 million tonnes of CO2 every year. Thatʼs why on March 7th weʼll be joining millions of concerned citizens for Food Waste Action Week 2022, a week of action bringing the nation together to fight the problem of food waste.

ZWILLING is proud to be supporting the Food Waste Action Week message with its vacuum-sealable FRESH & SAVE food storage collection which is helping to tackle food waste with an everyday solution. The entire collection, including glass and plastic boxes, bags, lunchboxes, a gratin dish and a wine sealer, can all help to reduce food waste significantly by keeping food and ingredients fresh for up to five times longer – helping to save carbon emissions by keeping food out of landfill. 

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