ZWILLING Coffee Kit de filtre à café Pour Over, 2-pcs

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  • Matériau: Inox 18/10
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ZWILLING Coffee Kit de filtre à café Pour Over, 2-pcs
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Discover the pure pleasure of traditional hand-filtered coffee for yourself! The ZWILLING Pour Over Coffee Dripper lets you transform hot water and fresh coffee powder into an incomparable taste experience full of aroma.

Full-bodied & aromatic

The high-quality stainless steel filter’s fine sieve allows flavor-enhancing coffee oils to permeate into the coffee – this ensures more aroma.

Paper filters are over

The stainless steel hand filter does not require any paper filter, giving you fresh, delicious coffee while protecting the environment from any extra waste.

Easy cleaning

The filter, stand and silicone anti-slip bottom can be easily separated for thorough cleaning.

Taste the pure difference Taste the pure difference

Pure taste less waste Pure taste less waste