Lives up to the promise of our knives. Lives up to the promise of our knives.

A blender's most important components are the blade and motor. That's why every ZWILLING blender is fitted with original ZWILLING stainless steel blades. The motor, blender jug and blade are all optimally calibrated to each other. The outcome is blending results that you'd expect from ZWILLING.
ZWILLING blade with special serration and piranha teeth
ZWILLING blade that boasts optimal robustness and sharpness combined
ZWILLING blade – developed in Solingen, Germany
As intuitively as with a knife. Up to seven automatic programmes and 12 speed settings mean that you'll effortlessly find the right setting for any occasion – at the turn of a knob.
Lifespan extended.
Not only is the ZWILLING design of the blenders timeless. The appliances themselves are also incredibly durable. The blades are made of stainless steel and the blender jugs of resilient Tritan. Tritan is a high-quality material that's half the weight of glass and significantly more robust. It's both heat and cold resistant and highly breakproof.
Cut anything.
Except your finger. The blender's safety feature and the blade's special serration with piranha teeth all ensure safe blending.
  • Safety locking system: The appliance will only start when the lid is on correctly.
  • Automatic shut-off feature: The blender automatically switches off whenever it's opened while blending.
  • Serration with piranha teeth: Only the small indentation on the inner side of the blade are sharp. This ensures safe cleaning by hand.
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