ZWILLING BBQ+ 5-pc Skewer set

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Versatile, can be put together individually according to taste and simply delicious: Barbecue skewers are the highlight of every barbecue session. Whether meat, vegetables or fish: The variety of flavors is endless. The ZWILLING BBQ+ Grill skewer set will help you make perfect shish kebab skewers and vegetable grilled skewers that will delight your guests with the perfect roasted aroma. The five skewers have a flat shape to better hold the ingredients. And the additional stopper also ensures that ingredients do not slip off the skewers.
Our tip for even more pleasure: The grill skewers fit perfectly on the ZWILLING BBQ+ Grill basket M. Your ingredients don't have direct contact with the flame or the embers, but still get the full grilled aroma. After you have eaten your fill, you can sit back and relax and put the skewers in your dishwasher to clean.


  • Item no. 1026140
  • Color: silver
  • Country of origin: China
  • Substance: stainless steel
  • Number of parts: 5
  • Net weight: 8.71 lbs
  • Length of product: 11.38 in
  • Width of product: 1.38 in
  • Height of product: 0.79 in
ZWILLING BBQ+ 5-pc Skewer set
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