The Road to Zero Waste: How to Improve the Shelf Life of Your Groceries

More freshness. More flavor. Longer shelf life. That’s the goal with ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE airtight storage. Revolutionize your food storage with the storage containers that are designed to be used with vacuum sealing. Keep pests out and maintain the crispness, nutrients, and flavor of your dry food. 

The Benefits of Proper Food Storage

It really pays off to store food properly. You’ll get the most out of your ingredients, reduce food waste, and save money. 

  1. A question of good taste: Storing food in airtight storage containers will also keep your supplies tasting great. Because humidity, dehydration or foreign odors have no chance in ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE boxes.  
  2. Locking in freshness means locking in nutrients. With CUBE, vitamins and fiber remain where they belong: in your food.
  3. Proper food storage means less food waste. It’s as simple as that. An extended shelf life means you have more time to work through your groceries, so you throw away less.
  4. Storing properly = saving money. You’ll throw away less food, so you won’t be running to the store all the time. This not only saves you money, it saves the earth, helping to reduce harmful packaging waste.

Storing Dry Food – A Primer on Typical Shelf Lives

Dry food can generally be stored for a very long time. This simple primer will help you understand the expected shelf life of the most popular dry foods when they are store properly. 

  1. Legumes such as lentils or beans are not only a great source of protein, but they can also be kept for several years if stored in a cool, dark, dry place. CUBE’s airtight seal and colored sleeves are designed to create just the right environment for legumes.
  2. You can store dried spices for up to a year. Beyond that they will slowly lose their flavor even when properly stored. 
  3. Uncooked, dry noodles can easily be kept for several months in an airtight kitchen container. However, you should use up cooked pasta after only a few days.
  4. Walnuts, cashews, almonds - nuts are a true super food. It’s extremely important to store nuts in an airtight container so their fats don’t break down and turn rancid. Whole, unshelled nuts can be kept for several months when stored in a cool, dark place. For shelled nuts, however, it’s important to take note of the use-by date. To store shelled nuts for an extended period of time, we recommend freezing.
  5. Cereal will last up to 4 months after opening and oatmeal can last up to 1 year after opening. However, proper storage is key. Keeping them dry and airtight maintains the crispness of cereal and the freshness of oatmeal.

Set Yourself Up for Optimal Food Storage

Set yourself up for success two ways. Outfit your kitchen with ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE CUBE airtight containers and be sure to have proper kitchen cabinets and drawers to put them in. Closed cabinets and drawers are best. 

A Cool, Dark Place for Storage

You’ve read the words on countless labels. Store in a cool, dark place. This is the ideal environment for most dry food, especially sensitive ingredients like coffee and tea. CUBE’s colorful container sleeves are ideal for protecting food you may keep out on the countertop. Avoid storing dry food too close to the stove, oven, range hood, or windows.

Keep Moisture, Odors, and Pests Out

Moisture can cause groceries like flour or coffee to clump together and can encourage mold growth. Air, like heat, causes food to dry out quickly and can cause outside odors to change the taste of foods. And food stored out in the open is likely to attract pests. 


CUBE’s airtight seal fights all these barriers to longer shelf life. Our containers provide everything your groceries need: They are airtight, shatterproof, and stackable. And thanks to the valve in the lid, all the storage containers can be vacuum sealed using our compact, quiet vacuum sealing pump. Everything you need for sustainable food storage is available in our stylish, space-saving CUBE kitchen containers.