STAUB and chefs around the world.

Whether in a hotel kitchen or a Michelin-starred restaurant, professional kitchens require quality, precision, and speed. Professional chefs must be able to rely unconditionally on their cookware. That is why Michelin-star chefs all over the world value STAUB’s first-class products.

At home in a Michelin-star kitchen.

Hundreds of top restaurateurs work with STAUB, with many of them recognized in the Michelin Guide. That’s why revered chefs around the world choose STAUB and celebrate its excellence in their kitchens.

The brand for culinary artists.

A chef is not someone who simply prepares food - they are culinary artists. They enter the kitchen every day, ready to outdo their expectations.

Regardless of nationality, all the culinary artists who work with STAUB have one thing in common: the pursuit of the highest quality cooking.

Ambassadors of good taste.

Some chefs go so far as to say that cooking in STAUB cast iron products have improved and even perfected their dishes.

This high praise motivates us to develop even more products so that not only professional chefs can keep creating new, delicious dishes - but you can too.