C'est le goût Français.

France is the birthplace of traditional cuisine and fine dining. Coq au vin, ratatouille, tarte flambée, mousse au chocolat... the list of French delicacies loved all over the world could go on forever.

Only cookware made of the highest quality materials according to the principles of traditional craftsmanship is good enough for preparing these culinary masterpieces. This is why France is also the home of outstanding cookware - the home of STAUB.

The lasting legacy of the stork.

Alsace is home to a rich culinary tradition and outstanding craftsmanship. So it is no coincidence that Francis Staub designed his first cast iron cocotte here in 1974 - laying the initial foundation for the STAUB company.

The symbol of this deep connection with Alsace is the stork. Coming from Alsace, just like STAUB, the stork has found its place in our logo - making it an ambassador for the attention to detail, impeccable taste, and timeless design of our products.

The taste of togetherness.

STAUB unites people through good food and good company. Founded in Alsace, STAUB brings the passion, quality, and tradition of French cuisine to you - wherever your kitchen may be.

A portion of joie de vivre.

If you don't want to just cook great food, you also want to celebrate it. If you want to savor life, friendship, and pleasure with every bite.

If you want to create unforgettable moments around sharing food - then STAUB has a place in your life. Whether in your kitchen or at your dining table, STAUB belongs wherever people enjoy great food.