MACARONI BOLOGNESE Warm up your kitchen with a hearty Italian classic. This marvelous meat sauce is easy to make – just mix the ingredients and let them simmer on the stovetop. Can be made the day before if you fancy.
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1 lb macaroni

1 clove garlic

1 onion

1 carrot

¼ lb celery root

1lb 5 oz. ground beef

3 tbsp vegetable oil

¾ cup red wine

27 oz tomato puree

¾ cup beef stock

1 2/3 cup water

1 tbsp dried oregano

1 tbsp dried thyme

1 tbsp sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

3 oz Parmesan cheese, shredded



Cutting board, knife, peeler, 2 large pots, rubber spatula, colander


  1. Finely chop garlic. Peel and mince onion, carrot, and celery root.
  2. Heat the oil in a large pot and sauté the garlic, onions, carrots, and celery root. Add the ground beef and sauté over medium heat for approx. 8 – 10 min., breaking it up with a spatula.
  3. Deglaze the pot with red wine. Add the tomato purée, beef stock, and water. Season with oregano, thyme, sugar, salt, and pepper. Cook over medium heat, uncovered, for approx. 1.5 hrs.
  4. When the bolognese is almost ready, boil the macaroni in plenty of salted water until al dente or according to the package instructions. Drain and add to the bolognese. Toss to combine then serve with shredded Parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

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