ZWILLING 15 cm Ceramic Sharpening rod

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Pack of 2 interchangeable green ceramic grinding rods for the ZWILLING V-edge knife sharpener. Medium-fine grain for re-sharpening and honing of moderately dull blades. The rods are four-sided so can be rotated to the fresh surface once one surface has worn smooth. The replacement rods fit simply and easily into the arm units within the V-Edge module.

  • Pair of sharpening rods for medium-fine grinding
  • F 360 medium-fine grain
  • Four sided surface
  • Easy replacement of worn rods


  • Item no. 32605-200-0
  • Colour: green
  • Substance: Ceramic
  • Net weight: 0.01 kg
  • Length of product: 15.00 cm
  • Width of product: 0.50 cm
  • Height of product: 0.50 cm
ZWILLING 15 cm Ceramic Sharpening rod
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The ZWILLING V-Edge Knife Sharpener

The ZWILLING V-Edge is a modern knife sharpener that allows you to sharpen both European and Japanese knives. It is the quintessence of conventional pull-through knife sharpeners and whetstones. As quick as it is easy, the ZWILLING V-Edge gives your knives the same sharpness as would a whetstone. The V-shaped ceramic sharpening stones allow you to evenly sharpen the entire blade. The whole procedure is completely safe, because there is no risk of damaging the knife or slipping when sharpening with the ZWILLING V-Edge.

A new level of sharpness

The ZWILLING V-Edge knife sharpener has two ceramic sharpening stones with high durability and resistance to provide excellent sharpness. The V-shaped design ensures you always sharpen your knife at the right angle.

Simple, fast and safe

The ZWILLING V-Edge knife sharpener makes it easy to finely sharpen blades. Simply insert the knife and pull it through several times to evenly grind the entire blade. This is fast and safe for both blades and hands alike.

European and Asian knives

Thanks to intelligent accessories, the ZWILLING V-Edge knife sharpener can sharpen both European and Asian knives. The appropriate angle adapters are included and can be easily swapped over at any time.



ZWILLING has been manufacturing cutlery and kitchen products in Solingen, home to the world-famous sword, knife, and scissors manufacturer, since 1731. Today, ZWILLING is one of the best-known brands in the world and knows how to inspire professional and amateur chefs alike. Innovative functions, perfect design, and the highest quality characterize all of the products for the kitchen and dining table. Get inspired and discover the world of ZWILLING!