Staub Specialities 10 cm Fondue Set cherry

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STAUB’s small round fondue set in cherry red, which doesn’t take up much room on the table with its diameter of 10 cm, will whet your appetite for comfort food. With four forks and a capacity of 0.25 litres, this set is perfect for smaller groups or for a romantic evening with your partner. Fondue pots from STAUB are made of cast iron and are coated with a black enamel on the inside to create a beautiful contrast with the cherry red exterior, so they also look nice on the table. The cast iron retains the heat for a very long time so you can take your time using this set. The pot comes with a warmer and a tea light to keep it warm. You can use the cast-iron frying pan on any cooker as well as on any induction hob. Therefore, it’s best for you to heat the cheese, oil and other liquids directly on the cooker and then put the pot on the warmer afterwards, at which point you can then cook meat, small pieces of vegetables and other specialities in your new fondue set and just indulge. Fondue sets are also ideal for melting chocolate.

  • For tasteful and convivial moments
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops
  • Rough texture results in exceptional browning


  • Item no. 40509-900-0
  • Color: cherry
  • Substance: Cast iron
  • Induction: Yes
  • Oven-safe: Yes
  • Freezer-safe: Yes
  • Stovetop-safe: Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe: Yes
  • Number of parts: 7
  • Net weight: 1.27 kg
  • Length of product: 13.00 cm
  • Width of product: 9.90 cm
  • Height of product: 7.00 cm
  • Upper diameter: 10.00 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 7.50 cm
Staub Specialities 10 cm Fondue Set cherry
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