A KNIFE FOR LIFE – USE AND CARE YOUR KNIVES We really care about our high quality knives. If you do too, you should care for them so they will last a lifetime.
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zwilling cutting board


You may not be aware of the fact that the wrong surface can easily damage your knife. Because every slice ends on the material you are cutting on. The good news is: it’s not difficult to find a good cutting board. All you need to do is keep reading.

Avoid surfaces that can dull or damage your knife such as china, marble, granite, tile, Formica, porcelain, stainless-steel counter tops and glass. Those surfaces can harm the cutting-edge retention.

Cutting surfaces should be smooth, easy to clean and "give” on contact with the knife’s edge. We recommend wooden or quality plastic cutting boards. No matter what cutting board you prefer, make sure that you’re cleaning it after each use.

zwilling knive cleaning


All ZWILLING and MIYABI Morimoto Edition knives are dishwasher safe. However, we do not recommend putting knives in the dishwasher. So you don’t risk shortening their lifespan or worsening their cutting edge retention.

Other MIYABI and all Kramer by ZWILLING knives need to be washed by hand. But to be honest: we highly recommend washing all of your knives by hand as it’s gentler on the steel. Clean them under lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a non-scratch cloth or sponge. Then dry immediately.

We got it. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to use the dishwasher. And like we mentioned before, that is no problem. But please do not exceed a washing temperature of 130 °F. And try to place the knives separately to avoid impact with other objects. Nonetheless the extremely aggressive cleaning chemicals that are used in dishwashers can damage the surface of plastics and steel. So please take into consideration that your favorite knife may not last as long as it was meant to be.

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Who doesn’t love lists? We do. At least when the list helps to keep our knives as sharp as they have been on the day they left our factory.

Talking about purpose

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There are a number of ways to safely store knives. Here are four of them that we highly recommend.

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