A super combination: marinade & vacuum sealing

With the FRESH & SAVE vacuum bags, you can put ambitious meal plans into practice in no time! It’s one of the benefits to marinating in a vacuum sealed bag. When air is extracted from the vacuum bags, there is less pressure outside your vacuum sealed food than inside, allowing the marinade to be absorbed more easily into your food. A marinade can also loosens the connective tissue of the meat and makes it more tender. A process that also works with fish and tofu, although here the focus is more on a more aromatic taste than on a softer consistency. 

Meat, fish, vegetables, or tofu - this is how marinade soaks in optimally

When the marinade is absorbed deeply, you create new flavours. We show you step-by-step how to do it right:

  1. First, pat your food dry after you have washed it.
  2. Take a vacuum bag of the right size and turn it upside down on the open side. You do this so that the area of the sealing strip does not come into contact with the marinade.
  3. Now apply the marinade, e.g. with a brush. You don't need much marinade.
  4. Place your marinated food in the bag. If there are several pieces, make sure they do not touch each other.
  5. Use the FRESH & SAVE liquid barrier marinating aid to prevent the pump from absorbing liquids.
  6. Turn the vacuum bag back over and close it at the zip closure.
  7. Spread the marinade over the food by squeezing the bag - Make sure that the marinade stays only in the lower part of the bag if possible so that no air pockets form. 
  8. Finally, vacuum the bag using the FRESH & SAVE vacuum pump until it stops automatically.

Important: If you notice that too much liquid is collecting in the marinating aid, stop the pump immediately to prevent liquid from being sucked into the vacuum pump.

How much marinade should I use?

Less is more. This is true when marinating. While you can cover everything completely with marinade in bowls or plastic containers, in a ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE products you should do it differently. Because of the vacuum seal you’ll be creating, the marinade will cling to the food as a very thin layer and spreads all around. You only need enough marinade to rub into your pieces by hand or with a brush. This way you can cook more effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner at the same time.

Sous-vide marinade - which ingredients are suitable?

By removing the air, the marinade can soak into the meat particularly well. The easiest way to do this is with some heat-resistant oil and the right spices. Voila! Your marinade is ready. But vinegar can also be used in a vacuum seal for certain dishes, such as perfect German-style sauerbraten. For a more exotic taste, you can also use honey or a delicious chutney as the basis. In the end, however, only one thing is important: that it tastes good. You can find the best inspiration for this in our sous-vide recipes.

How long does the marinade have to soak in?

Are you extremely hungry and want to enjoy your marinated food right away? Good thing marinating with ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE products is super quick! After about half an hour you can take your vacuum-sealed and marinated food out of the bag and prepare it. Depending on your taste, you can of course marinate it even longer to intensify the flavours.

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