Simply reach into a drawer and push a button, and the cordless electrical vacuum pumps suck the air out of the food storage containers and vacuum seal bags in seconds.


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ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Vacuum pump with charging cap, white
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ZWILLING Fresh & Save
Vacuum pump with cap, la-mer
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Buy a food vacuum sealer for food and beverages

The vacuum pump extracts the air from vacuum seal bags and containers to keep ingredients and food fresh for longer. The pump fits precisely on the vacuum containers, bags and lunch boxes sold in the ZWILLING online store and sucks all the air out at the simple push of a button. Let us tell you exactly how it works, what products our electric vacuum pump is perfect for, and when it is just the kitchen aid you need.

The vacuum pump as a kitchen aid – what is it exactly?

First of all, we would like to introduce you to our vacuum pump, what it does and how it works. The vacuum pump is a handy stick, similar in size to a large spice shaker, that sucks the air out of a container at the push of a button. This creates an airless space, also called a vacuum, which ensures that any food or ingredients inside stay fresh and keep up to five times longer.

What the vacuum pump does in five steps:

1. This handy food vacuum sealer works with all our FRESH & SAVE bags and containers.

2. Just clip it on the valve and suck out the air at the push of a button.

3. A vacuum is created in mere seconds.

4. As soon as the air is out, the handheld vacuum pump stops automatically.

5. You now have an airless container that keeps food fresh for longer and preserves all its nutrients.

What can I use the food vacuum sealer with? 

Our handy vacuum pump works with all the containers from the same range: 

Vacuum containers – perfect for storing various foods in the refrigerator or for meal prepping.

Vacuum lunch boxes – take your food with you anywhere you like.

Vacuum seal bags – use them to conveniently bag food and ingredients, great for sous-vide cooking.

Vacuum wine sealers – make wine (or even fruit juice or vegetable oils) last longer after opening.

Our vacuum starter sets also include a handy combinations of several of these products to meet just about every kitchen need. 

Vacuum sealing – the latest trend for meal preppers

Have you been thinking about ways to use your vacuum pump to prep meals and dishes for the next few days? If so, you’ve nailed what using our FRESH & SAVE vacuum sealer and containers is all about: Are you a real meal prepper who wants to prepare food today and eat it in the next few days? Then get vacuum sealing! Just place any food you want in our FRESH & SAVE bags or containers, suck out the air with the vacuum pump and that’s it, meal prep is done.

Reduce food waste with the vacuum pump

Just a few seconds to vacuum for many days of freshness. But that’s not all. The food vacuum sealer provides a simple solution to an increasingly common concern: Food waste. It makes sense: Vacuum sealing food keeps it fresh for longer, which is more sustainable. FRESH & SAVE products and the vacuum pump make it possible! 

Vacuum sealing and all its advantages for you and your food are just a click away. You can buy our food vacuum sealers here!