More than just a slice of toast. More than just a slice of toast.

The new ZWILLING toasters meet the highest possible toasting demands. Separate heating elements, automatically adjusting toasting times and numerous extra features mean that every slice of toast is your favourite slice.
Automatically adjusts toasting duration for even browning – even over repeated toasting
Soft-lift feature for gently lifting slices
Safety feature with automatic shut-off prevents burnt toast
Toast that doesn't fly, but glides.
When it's finished, toast doesn't fly out of the toaster. The soft-lift feature ensures they gently glide up and the built-in extra-lift feature allows even smaller slices to be removed easily from the toaster. Never burn your toast again: This toaster automatically switches off when the preset toasting duration is reached. Even when set to high, toast is never toasted to more than dark brown.
Toasting with precision.
  • Seven toasting settings allow you to conveniently choose how brown you want your toast.
  • ZWILLING toasters always ensure consistently brown toast even over repeated toasting. They do so by automatically shortening the toasting duration to achieve the desired browning.
  • Up to eight separate heating elements and balanced heat distribution ensure that every slice of bread is evenly toasted on both sides. The result is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – authentic ZWILLING toast.