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Are you missing the right lid for your pot or pan? Maybe it got broken or got lost while cooking with friends? Then you can buy the right pot or pan lid for your kitchen equipment in our ZWILLING online shop.

Why do I need a suitable lid for pots and pans?

A lid does not necessarily have to be placed on the saucepan or pan while cooking. However, for many dishes it is necessary to keep the aroma in and the meat, fish or vegetables at the right consistency.

Keep food from drying out

If there is a glass lid on the pan while frying, the water will condense on it and drip back onto the food. Protect your food from drying out by using your pot lid.

Preserve aromas

When you are cooking or roasting something gently, the aroma escapes from the food very quickly. With a lid these aromas are broadly preserved into your meal.

Save energy

A suitable pan lid helps you to save energy. It is important that it fits snugly on top to prevent the heat or steam escapes from escaping at the side. Many pot lids have a small hole or a valve or other steam outlet opening. Our ZWILLING pot lids are designed so that steam can still escape, and no pressure builds up, leaving you with a delicious meal.

Which is the right pan or pot cover for me?

Our range of pot and pan lids is very broad and suitable for cookware, such as casseroles, frying pans and woks. Simply define your search filters on our website to find a suitable selection, just for you. Still no clear idea of which pot or pan lid is right for you? Then you’ll find a couple of tips and helpful information below.

1. Sizes of pot lids

The most important feature of a pot lid is that it fits the pot or pan. A 28 cm pan lid fits a pan of the same size. You can reduce the wide range of pot lids, by filtering to the lids that fit on your saucepan.

2. Pan lid materials

When cooking, it is important to choose between using a glass or stainless steel saucepan lids. The big advantage of a glass lid is that you can see the pan contents without having to lift the lid, which prevents heat and aromas from escaping. Glass lids are heat-resistant and can usually be cleaned in the dishwasher. Stainless steel lids often look nicer with the pot and do not break if accidentally dropped.

3. Handle types

At ZWILLING, you can buy classic pot and pan lids with an ergonomic knob or semi-circular handle. Our pot lids with foldable handles are one of our specialties. With these you can easily lift the lid and replace it by folding it back down in a single movement after use. The pot and pan lids are therefore easy to store in the cupboard and save space in the dishwasher.

Discover our range of pot and pan lids. Have you found a suitable saucepan lid? Then we look forward to receiving your order.