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Do you like to cook casseroles, lasagna or gratins? With bakeware from ZWILLING, you can easily bake all your favourite dishes! This practical, robust bakeware and gratin dishes will score points in your kitchen with high temperature heat resistance. You can serve your dishes directly from the oven on the table and easily clean them after use. Discover how it all works and which great bakeware in different designs you can buy from us.

Bakeware - classics and still a hot trend

You’ve probably seen bakeware before, but maybe not brought any home to your kitchen. If you still don’t have any, good news! Not only can you buy great bakeware from us, but you’ve also probably already eaten from one of our dishes before. From casseroles to gratin dishes, lasagna or a glorious soufflé, we’re sure it was hot and yummy, as are all the typical dishes that you prepare in ovenware.

What is a typical gratin dish?

Gratin dishes are cooked in the oven for a long time at high temperatures. For such cooking methods, you need a gratin dish that is heat-resistant and robust. Luckily, you can buy ceramic or cast iron bakeware like that here in the ZWILLING online shop for such uses.

What to watch out for when buying bakeware

If you are in this category of our shop, you can’t go far wrong when it comes to the general uses of our bakeware and oven dishes in hot ovens. They are all made from extremely heat-resistant materials and offer plenty of space for several servings. Depending on what type of meal you’re making, you can choose from round and square, deep or flat, as well as cast iron or ceramic.

Bakeware with a lid — a want- or must-have?

In addition, you can buy ovenware from us that includes a lid, such as the beautiful shapes of our STAUB brand that come in tomato or pumpkin shapes with a lid. These are not only a visual highlight of every table, but the lid provides optimal heat distribution. A must-have for even heating and an beautifully decorated dining table.

All in hand — serving in bakeware

There are several advantages to our bakeware. Not only with our wonderful cocottes and bakeware in the shape of vegetables, you’ll get to enjoy an elevated dining experience. Put on oven mittens first and comfortably hold the integrated handles on the bakeware. Take the gratin dish out of the oven and serve the food in the cookware directly on the table. The experience of eating together is something else when you put your oven dish on the table and serve the food fresh to everyone.

Buy bakeware — enjoy twice as much

Serving your food in the bakeware saves you a step of having to use two dishes, which equals having less to wash up. Not only is our ovenware and gratin dishes made for hot oven dishes and a real eye-catcher on a set table, but they are easy to care for. Simply let it cool down after eating, leave to soak in warm water with detergent and then easily clean it. With so many advantages wrapped up in one, stylishly and extremely high-quality dish — that’s what to expect from any bakeware from ZWILLING.