Wild Garlic Cashew Pesto
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approx. 400 g


Preparation time:
10 minutes



  • 100 g fresh wild garlic
  • 100 g Parmesan cheese (wedge)
  • ½ lime
  • ½ lime
  • 200 ml rapeseed oil
  • salt,pepper


Wash the wild garlic and drain well. Coarsely dice the Parmesan. Squeeze the juice from the lime.

Put the ingredients in the blender jar in the following order: Parmesan, cashews, lime juice, rapeseed oil, wild garlic, salt and pepper.

Close the jar with the lid. Select the smoothie programme and start by pressing the button. Or blend the pesto manually.

At the end of the blending process, remove the lid and season the pesto again with salt and pepper.

Use the pesto e.g. as a marinade for steaks, and marinate the meat in ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE bags or containers under vacuum.


If you want the pesto to have a coarse texture, mix it with the pulse function or manually until reaching the desired consistency.


In the kale season, the pesto can also be prepared with 100 g kale leaves.

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